Before They Were Cool – SycAmour

Artist: SycAmour
Genre: Alternative/Hardcore
Label: Independent

Sycamour is a young up and coming six piece band from Detroit fronted by vocalists Jeremy Gilmore and Tony Sugent. They have been slowly growing a name for themselves  performing at  music festivals including Thrash & Burn, The Jamboree, Scream It Like You Mean It, and The Infamous Tour. They have played alongside acts including Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Attack Attack, For Today, Crown The Empire, Woe, Is Me, & We Came As Romans.

SycAmour truly is a hard band to label. They cite many influences and their music does span across many different genres all while blending it all so carefully into their own unique sound.  So far they have only one release, which is their EP “Obscure.” While it may be the only release by them so far it is 25 minutes of excellent musicianship that shouldn’t be passed up. They utilize an excellent blend of both clean and harsh vocals, which is  pretty typical across most bands in their scene; however, Jeremy’s cleans are nothing short of superb and truly carry the band. While Tony’s growls don’t stand out as much as Jeremy’s vocal prowess, they still are incredible and offer excellent contrast. The guitars are fairly standard, but they are are also very effective and it is the simplicity of the guitar  work that helps blend together instead of overshadowing the overall sound with too much technicality. The keys overlay the sound with some flair and melody all whilst being backed by impressive drum work.

SycAmour managed to gain an unexpected following in Japan when they managed to reach front page on Reddit. They have also reached BandCamp’s top seller charts earning Album of the Week. Although currently unsigned, I foresee a prosperous future for this band as they have much to offer.  While I haven’t heard any plans of work on more material I can not wait to see what the deliver next.

For now I will leave you off with there cover of Adele’s  hit “Set Fire to the Rain” and I hope you all enjoy! Check them out on Facebook and show them some support!


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