Between the Panels – Batman Incorporated Issue 1 and The Guild: Fawkes Issue 1

There were a lot of number ones for me to choose from that came out this week but the two that caught my attention the most were the return of Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc to the DCU and the newest The Guild comic focusing on Wil Wheaton’s in game character in the web series The Guild.


Comic: Batman Incorporated Issue 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Grant Morrison

Artists: Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn

In the later part of 2010 Grant Morrison had just finished up writing three great story archs of Batman and Robin and almost right after he launched his new ongoing, Batman Incorporated. This took place after Bruce Wayne had come back from the dead after the events of Final Crisis, it focused on Wayne going around to different countries and recurting heros around the world to join him and protect under the Batman logo. In eight issues Bruce managed to get multiple people to join him in his crusade against crime. During this time he discovered a mysterious group called Leviathan, very little is still known about them but they, as is shown in this issue, have come to Gotham now and are causing trouble there. In this Issue 1 we find out that a half-billion dollar hit has been put out on Damian Wayne, the current Robin and son of Bruce and Talia Al Ghul,  by his mother, Talia. At the opening of the story Bruce and Damian are fighting off members of a gang who wear goats masks, they are really acting as a distraction so that Goatboy can take out the hit on Damian; Goatboy misses and takes out one of the gang members instead. Batman and Robin head off to stop some tainted meat from being delievered and this is where Goatboy manages to strike, seemingly, at the end of the issue, having killed Robin successfully. There were a lot of great scenes in this issue, the artist, Chris Burnham, made two very cool images where he takes things you, as a reader, take for granted about a comic and turns them into important panels for reading. One page he turns just normal buildings into panels, but doesnt do it in the same bold colours as the rest of the book but instead makes them look like washed out graffiti on the side of the buildings. Another time he takes shattered pieces of glass from Batman’s cowl and uses them to show Goatboy’s attack on Bruce and Damian. This was a very enjoyable starting point for the New 52’s relaunch of Batman Inc.

Batman Incorporated Issue 1: 7.5/10

Comic: The Guild: Fawkes Issue 1
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Authors: Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton
Artists: Jamie McKelvine, Matthew Wilson, and Paul Duffield
For those of you who enjoy comedy, internet gaming, and general geekery that have not already started to watch The Guild, please check it out, HERE‘s a link to the first episode for you. It’s about a group of people who play an online RPG, quite like World of Warcraft, and how they start to try to be less socially awkward, it leads to some hilarious moments and some genuinly heart warming ones. Anway, check it out.
The Guild: Fawkes is about the character in The Guild played by Wil Wheaton, he is the leader of The Axis of Anarchy, an in game guild and the mortal enemies of the Knights of Good. He has been dealing with an odd crush on Codex that has been distracting him and throwing him off from his normal self, it’s affecting his in game self and his job as a Teachers Assistant at a local University. The Axis soon discovers what all of his weirdness is being caused by and turn on him and leave him alone in his guild, by the end of the first issue Fawkes’ life has gone majorly down hill, until, that is, he discovers a gaming convention that is coming to town. He heads off dressed up like a Furry and goes to the con to try and find the guy he was and hopefully get over Codex. Then, he runs into her at the convention. I liked that the art captures the essence of an episode of The Guild really well, it keeps the out of game characters looking just like they do in the show, if you saw the issue and hadn’t seen the show but knew who Wil Wheaton was, you would know it was him. I also really enjoy these Guild comics becuase they give us fans a chance to look at the characters inside the RPG that they play.
The Guild: Fawkes: 8.5/10
That brings us to a wrap for another week of comic reviews from me, for more reviews of this weeks comics head over to IGN for their weekly round up. If you have ideas for any comics I should take a look at and review on Between the Panel let me know in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to get in on a future post. Life happens between the panels folks, sometimes it’s grey but if we try we can turn it into those four colours we love so much. See you all next week!
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