Between the Panels – Green Lantern Issue 9 and Earth 2 Issue 1


Comic: Green Lantern Issue 9

Publisher: DC Comics

Author:  Geoff Johns

Artists: Dough Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Keith Chamage, Mark Irwin, Tom Nguyen, and Alex Sinclair

The last two issues have been build up to this great reveal in issue 9 of The New 52’s Green Lantern by superstar author Geoff Johns. The secrets of the Indigo Tribe and their mysterious connection with the late Green Lantern Abin Sur have finally been revealed. The Guardians are planning on disbanding the Green Lantern Corps and creating a new protector of the Universe which, according to Abin, will bring about certain doom to the Universe, only Hal and an old friend of Abin’s can stop this, but when the old friend finds out that Abin is dead he gives up hope and the sociopaths that make up the Indigo Tribe are set loose on Jordan. This issue contained the great story telling I’ve come to expect from Geoff and some great artwork that matched the mood perfectly all the way through. I can’t wait until next months conclusion of The Secret of the Indigo Tribe.

Green Lantern Issue 9: 8.5/10


Comic: Earth 2 Issue 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: James Robinson

Artists: Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, Alex Sinclair, Ivan Reis, Joe Pradd, and Rod Reis

Okay, I know I’m a week late on this one but I only JUST managed to get my hands on it. Earth 2 marks DC’s The New 52’s “Second Wave” of comics since their recent reboot nine months ago. Earth 2, for those who don’t know, is one of 52 parallel Earth’s in the DC Universe, in the old DCU the Justice Society of America came from Earth 2 before one of DC’s Crises happened and merged the Earths into one. This comic was really well paced and really well thought out on everyone involved part but at times it was a little confusing. I really enjoyed that in the end you could see how they are going to create a new Earth 2 JSA after Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are killed in the opening act of the issue. Part way through Supergirl and Robin (Bruce Wayne’s daughter on Earth 2) get sucked into a vortex taking them into the main Earth in the DCU, this serves as a jump off point for Word’s Finest Issue 1 which also came out last week, check it out, also a great read. Earth 2 provides and interesting read and a solid beginning to what I’m sure will become one of my favourite comics in the new DCU. With solid art work and vivid colours its a pleasure to look at and it’s easy to let your eyes dance around the panels.

Earth 2 Issue 1: 7/10


That’s it for this week folks, come back next week for my favourite issue of the week and my review of Green Wake volume 2 by Kurtis Wiebe. For many more comic reviews head over to and check out their weekly comic round-up.

Life happens between the panels folks, go live it. See you all next week.


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