Before They Were Cool – Fall City Fall

Artist: Fall City Fall
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Victory Records

Freshly signed by Victory Records, Calgary based hardcore band Fall City Fall have gotten what they deserve. They are an incredibly hard working group that put on one of the best show I have seen live. There energy is through the roof and they keep you entertained from start to finish. It is incredible seeing bands like this with such a passion for there art to go places. There first album Victus was released this week on January 22nd and it is not something that should be overlooked.

Fall City Fall is a five piece band pushes the boundaries of  the hardcore genre and makes use of two vocalists: Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty who both deliver mind shattering aggression. Having the two of them tear it up on the vocals gives a nice variation and they play off of each other incredibly well. While they only having one guitarist, they are still able to maintain a very full sound. The guitar is spastic and wild along with the rest of the band.  The riffs seem to come from all over the place and blend really well into the back and forth vocals. The music is full of angst, but never reaches the point of being whiny. You can feel the pent up rage being fed through their music. My one complaint is there bass levels seem a little low, but hey that’s a pretty typical complaint across most bands. The songs are quick, and sometimes feel a little too short at times, but the fast delivery of songs and the constant bombardment of their musical aggression play hand in hand.

While most of the music maintains the “in your face” aggression there intro’s during live shows and also on their album and EP’s do an incredible job of building up the intensity into a foreseeable explosion of intensity. There music feels powerful because you can sense the emotion behind it. If you want to slow things down a bit, Funeraltionship is a beautifully placed song that delivers passion and just the right touch of their typical aggressive style.

I am so happy to see these guys signed. They play in a local scene that I am very familiar with and they are definitely one of the bands out there that deserve to go places. I am looking forward to see what else these guys can achieve! They have lot to offer in the hardcore scene so keep an eye on them and if hardcore is your thing check them out!


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