Between the Panels – Green Lantern The Movie What They Should Have Done Part 2

Last week I gave you a rundown of how I think they should have handled the Green Lantern franchise in the first two movies, this week I’m going to give you my thoughts on the last three movies for the franchise that I think would have made a much more successful film. If you didn’t read last weeks post check it out HERE before you move on to the last three movies.

Now that you’ve gotten caught up let’s just straight into it!

Green Lantern 3: Rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps

When we last left the GL Corps they had been utterly destroyed and Ganthet (a Guardian) goes down to Earth beaten and bruised from the war against Sinestro and Parallax possessed Hal and gives a ring to struggling artist Kyle Rayner. This movie would pick up a few years after that, Rayner has been trained by Ganthet and the other Guardians who have started to rebuild Oa and start sending out new rings across the Universe and finding and training new lanterns. This would be a good opportunity to introduce Earths other two Lanterns, John Stewart (an ex marine) and Guy Gardener (a massive prick). At night Kyle wakes up with his ring blasting a projection of a man he doesn’t recognize (Hal) and the projection starts talking to him and reveals that he is stuck in the Antimatter Universe and is hiding from Manhunters; the projection cuts out. Kyle goes to the Guardians and asks them about the Antimatter Universe and about the Manhunters. They explain that the Manhunters where sentient robots of a sort and the Guardians first attempt at creating a police force for the Universe, their motto at first was “No evil escapes the Manhunters” but as they became more and more obsessed with capturing criminals their motto evolved into “No man escapes the Manhunters” and they began killing at will and not following the code that the Guardians gave them.

Rayner goes to Stewart and Gardener and gets his ring to play back the message Hal left for them and explains what the Guardians told him and they agree that they should investigate. During this movie we would flashes to Hal in the Antimatter Universe and watching him try to survive. He wouldn’t know exactly how he got there, but only woke up there after flying himself and Parallax into the sun. The other Earth Lanterns track him down and find out who he is and they help him escape. Of course during the escape there would be massive battles with the Manhunters. They return to Oa and they explain what had happened to Hal and how everything went down from the time he was possessed by Parallax until now. Post credit sequence (good old comic book movie way of setting up the next film) we get Sinestro still fuming over Jordan turning on him again and destroying the Fear entity Parallax, he looks into his ring and sees the entity inside of it, his eyes glow yellow and that is the end.

Green Lantern 4

Green Lantern 4: Start of the Sinestro Corps Wars and Ion

The movie starts off with Sinestro (he will be the main focus of most of this movie) as he is building up and finding people who can harness Fear and recruits them to join the Sinestro Corps and trains them to go to Oa and over take the Green Lanterns. He finds all sorts of scum and people who can put fear into the hearts of people and he and Arkillo train them. On Oa the Lanterns are enjoying a very peaceful time, there has not been much crime in most sectors of space other than very simple usual stuff. The Guardians start hearing reports of attacks on sectors and planets being nearly destroyed, the Guardians hold a council and at once know that Parallax has returned. They call in Hal and have him set up a task force to go and investigate the attacks, get gets the other Earth lanterns and a few other Lanterns to come with them. They track down the reports and after a few stops they discover a member of the Sinestro Corps, they manage to capture him and bring him back to Oa to be interrogated. They discover Sinestro’s plan to attack Oa and begin preparing for the war.

Meanwhile Sinestro is ready to attack so he sends forward his Corps and the battle begins. Lots can happen during the beginning of the battle but in the end the GL Corps needs to start loosing, badly. Sinestro eventual shows up and summons Parallax and starts destroying the Corps. Just when it looks like all hope is lost for the GL, Kyle Rayner ends up in the heart of the main Power Battery on Oa and discovers Ion, the Will entity. At this point we would learn the history the Entities and we learn about how the Entities help the Corps but are regarded as a myth. Back to the battle, many are dead on both sides and the battle has gotten down to the center of Oa, where the main Power Battery is kept. The Battery starts glowing brighter and brighter until it more or less explodes and Kyle comes out possessed by Ion in much the same way Hal was by Parallax. Parallax quickly jumps into Sinestro and right before the movie ends the two of them are flying at each other.

Green Lantern 5: The End of the Sinestro Corps War

This movie would pretty much be a huge fight, Ion and Parallax have evened up the battle and both sides have withdrawn to grow their forces again and make plans. I personally don’t know how this movie would go down other than to say go read the Sinestro Corps War comics, pretty much everything that happens there happening in this movie, with the addition of Ion because he is a super cool character that needs to be used and I think this a great opportunity to bring him in. In the end of course the GL Corps would defeat Sinestro’s corps and imprison the others in the Science Cells. They would have to find a way to banish Parallax again and keep him contained so that he could never come back out.

Green Lantern 5

I know my description for the fifth movie was a little lack luster but there isn’t much to say about the end of the story. After that DC and Warner Brothers could do one of two things: They could go and make a movie set out of what is currently being done in Green Lantern comics called The Rise of the Third Army or they could start the massive crossover event (because I’m assuming by now there would be Justice League movies and movies with a bunch of other DC Superheroes) Blackest Night and I think that would be the most intelligent way to go from their. Or I guess they could just drop the franchise but money talks and I personally think what I have vaguely mapped out would make DC and Warner Brothers a TON of money and they would continue the franchise.

Once again, these are my thoughts on how Green Lantern could have been more successful, I hope you enjoyed reading them and if you have any more ideas leave them in the comments. I hope to review the Green Lantern movie in the next couple of weeks so that I can give you my full thoughts on it. So until then (hopefully I’ll be back next week) have fun, go out and read some comics and DFTBA!


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