Between the Panels – Green Lantern The Movie What They Should Have Done Part 1

Ah, the Green Lantern movie, a comic book movie to join many other comic book movies in infamy. No I am not here to review the film but I will be doing that sooner than later. I am here to air my grievances with the movie that I was so very much so looking forward to. There were things I liked about this movie, but sadly there were more things that I didn’t like about the film. It had so much potential to be so much more than it was, but it kind of fell flat on its face, which is very disappointing for a Green Lantern fanboy like me. So today I’m going to give my two-bits on what they should have done and how they could have turned Green Lantern into at LEAST a five movie franchise and have made a butt load of money off of it.

Green Lantern 1

So what did they get right? For one, the character design was great. I loved the look of all of the aliens, it look really good, and having that many different species on screen at once looked really cool. I really liked the uniform, it was a smart way to interrupt the comic book uniform on screen and make it look more realistic. the way they made each members uniform look different was really nice, it was subtle and it wasn’t something you would really notice unless you were looking. That being said, Hal’s mask looked horrible. Through the entire movie it looked like the CGI mask was floating just in front of his face, that bothered me a lot. One part of this movie that blew my mind was how amazing Oa looked. I had no idea how they would interpret this into film, but when I saw it for the first time in the trailer, and more extensively in the film, it looked brilliant.

Where did the movie go wrong? Well this is the big one, this is the main reason the movie was bad, there was a lot that went wrong with this movie. A lot of people will say that the first mistake was casting Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but I disagree completely, I think that was brilliant casting, however when you make a very fit man look skinny and anorexic after putting a CGI suit on him, then you’ve messed up. My main issue with this movie is that they tried to do way too much in far to short a period of time. They threw in his origin story, Hector Hammond and Parallax all into one movie and that was just far too much for one movie to do. What should they have done to fix this? Well that’s what I’m here to tell you, my opinion on how they could have turned this into a successful franchise of at LEAST five movies. Let’s do this.

Green Lantern 2

Green Lantern 1: The Origin Story

This movie would be pretty basic, but it could take it’s time to flesh itself out instead of rushing through one of the most interesting parts in Green Lantern lore. We would get the story of Abin Sur’s death and Hal finding the ring and then the ring taking him to Oa where he is introduced to the Green Lantern Corps. He would then be trained by Thaall Sinestro and we would see their friendship form so that when Sinestro inevitably becomes evil the fallout from that will be much more impactful. While this is going on we can have Hector Hammond’s origin in either the original way where he is a small time criminal who comes across a meteorite that increases peoples intellect, kidnaps a group of scientists and makes them create devices that he sells for his own gain and eventually the meteorite has adverse affects and it increases his brain in size and he gets the powers we know him for having. Or we can use the version from Secret Origin where he finds a meteorite in Abin Sur’s crashed ship and it does the same thing, but I think the first version would make for a more interesting movie.

Meanwhile, Hal is learning fast and Thaal takes him to his home planet Korugar and Hal eventually learns that he is using fear in order to keep the peace on his planet. This drives Hal to tell the Guardians what Sinestro is doing and they take away his ring and banish him from the Corps. Hal finds out what is happen on Earth with Hector and the Guardians send him to deal with it. That in a nutshell would be the first movie, and because comic book movies like having post credit scenes we could see Sinestro forging a new yellow ring and then reciting the Sinestro Corps Oath “In blackest day, in brightest night,Beware your fears made into lightLet those who try to stop what’s right,Burn like my power… Sinestro’s might” and then fade to black.

Green Lantern 3

Green Lantern 2: Parallax and the Destruction of the Green Lantern Corps

At the beginning of this movie we would get more of a detailed look at what Sinestro was doing at the end of the first film. Discovering that he could harness the power of fear into a ring and use it to take his revenge on Hal. This is when Parallax is introduced as the entity of Fear and in a way we could have it controlling Sinestro or helping him create his ring. The Guardians feel the return of the evil Fear entity and warn the Corps about what is transpiring and send out a group to go out and search and destroy Parallax. The Guardians send Hal, Kilowog, and a few other Lanterns out to go find and hunt down Parallax. This leads them to finding Sinestro alone on the precipice of the Universe, possibly even in the Antimatter Universe and we meet Parallax. Not the misty cloud thing, but the weird looking beetle thing that we all know and love from the comics. During a crazy battle Hal gets wounded and taken by Parallax and then we get Hal possessed by Parallax and working with Sinestro. Together they start to tear apart the Green Lantern Corps until they believe they have destroyed the entire corps and Sinestro has had his revenge.

Finally, after all the corps has been destroyed Hal starts being able to control himself once more and tries to save the last few living members of the corps by knocking out Sinestro and flying himself into the nearest sun, thus killing himself and Parallax along with him. After this battle has happened we go back to Oa and see one remaining Guardian, Ganthet, wounded badly. He is walking around the ruins of Oa and finds one still active ring. We then go to a bar on Earth where artist Kyle Rayner, a free-lance graphic artist, is just leaving for the night. On his way to his car he hears a voice and turns around to see the wounded Ganthet who tells him he has been chosen to be the last Green Lantern. Once again the post credit scene could feature Sinestro even more pissed than before at being blind sided by Jordan. He survived the attack and has been found by Arkillo, Sinestro gives him a ring, and they go off.

That’s all I have for you this week guys! Two movies down, three to go, I’ll give you my last three ideas for what I think would be VERY successful Green Lantern films next week back here at Between the Panels. What are your thoughts on the Green Lantern film and what do you think they could have done to improve the movie? Do you agree with my ideas? Do you disagree? Let me know and let’s continue the conversation down in the comments! See you all next week! Bonus points for the first person to correctly name all the Lanterns in the first picture.

Oh! And what do you all think of the changes to TUG over the last week? Let us know that too down in the comments. We care about your feedback. DFTBA!


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