The Critic – Chasing Amy

Welcome back to the third review for The Kevin Smith Project, before I move on though I’d like to just talk about some very exciting Kevin Smith related news. Kev Smith tweeted out yesterday that because Jay and Silent Bob Get Old (his podcast with Jason Mewes that acts as a sort of intervention for Jay) is turning 99 episodes old they are bringing it to my hometown, The City of Champions, the home of the Oilers (Smith’s favourite hockey team other than the Devils of course) Edmonton and I will most definitely be going. I can’t wait to go and see it live, it’s going to be an absolute blast! On to the review.

Chasing Amy is probably Kevin Smiths most highly talked about and well received movie he has put out, it came out and a lot of people said it made up for him making Mallrats. As great of a movie this is Smith has said that he will always hold a bit of reproach for it because it felt like he made it to prove himself again, prove that he COULD make another good movie, he made it out of spite almost. The film is about a comic book author, Holden McNeil who writes Bluntman and Chronic (inspired by Jay and Silent Bob) with artist Banky Edwards. Holden is at a comic convention when he meets fellow comic author Alyssa Jones who he immediately falls head over heels for. He is invited out to a club where he is told she will be and because of that of course he goes, but in the end finds out that Alyssa is a lesbian. The rest of the movie shows the way Holden chases after her and tries to win her heart.

This is truly a beautiful movie, it is powerful, moving, and at points you are touched by the dialogue and what the characters of Holden and Alyssa are going through. There’s a beautiful message in this movie, one saying not to judge people by their past actions, who they are now is what is important, what they mean to you is important. The music in this film is probably the first time that the music in one of Kevin’s movies are emotionally provoking where in his other movies the music is just there and helps set the scene. It’s two very different ways to bring music into a movie and they both work very, very well.

Amy is the first movie that brings back Ben Affleck and Jason Lee and the third for Jay and Silent Bob to be in. The next few movies will keep having these two actors in them as Kevin likes to use actors over again, and he really loves Ben Affleck, and I have to admit I think he’s brilliant too. There are a lot of really cool call backs to Smith’s other movies all over the place throughout his films, especially in this one. Alyssa mentions two things in this one that happened in the two previous movies, one of them was the funeral of a girl who drowned in a swimming pool which is mentioned in the beginning of Mallrats, who if I’m not mistaken was who Dante and Randal went to the funeral of in Clerks, and she also says that her best friend has sex with a dead guy in a bathroom at a the Quick Stop in Leonardo which happened towards the end of Clerks. I like watching the View Askew movies because they have that bit of continuity to them that gives you a form of pay off in the end, that and it’s fun to spot the throwbacks.

As I mentioned before there are some seriously emotional parts in this movie, and ironically enough one of them comes from Silent Bob:

Thus the title of the movie!

I highly recommend this movie to people to don’t like Smith’s other work but have not seen this one, it’s really different and it is really powerful. The acting is the best yet of the View Askew movies, to be fair they get better and better as the films go along, and the atmosphere is just so different in this movie than in Smith’s others and in a way that makes me like this movie more than his others, but at the same time that enjoyment is on a totally different level than his others because this film (and Jersey Girl) are such different flicks.  If you have the time pull this movie up and give it a watch, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Chasing Amy: 8/10


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