The Critic – Mallrats

Welcome to my second review of Kevin Smith’s movies, sorry I wasn’t able to post on Sunday, I got a LOT more busy with the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo than I expected to be and time just got away from me. This is Kev Smith’s second movie in the View Askewniverse and is one of two that get a lot of flak for being his worst movie but at the same time has a cult following in a series of movies that already have a cult following. It  is also the first movie that Jay and Silent Bob have a bit bigger of a role in and the first time actors from one movie cross over into other of Smith’s movies, which happens for the rest of his career.

Mallrats is another day in the life of movie which, if I remember correctly, takes place the day before Clerks and is about two guys who are having girl problems. T.S. Quint is set to head off to Orlando with his girlfriend, who he plans to propose to during the trip but as he is picking up Brandi she tells him that she is needed to go on to her fathers game show TRUTH OR DATE. The two break up on the spot. Meanwhile T.S.’s best friend Brodie has just broken up with his girlfriend and they both go off to spend the day at the mall where they find out that TRUTH OR DATE is being filmed that day. The two find out, though, that the set is being guarded by the infamous mall cop  LaFours, they meet up with Jay and Silent Bob and ask them to somehow distract LaFours so that they can get back stage and T.S. can get on the game show to win back Brandi. Thus a series of misadventures with Jay and Silent Bob occur and T.S. and Brodi go around moping and scheming for most of the movie, at one point Stan Lee has a fantastic cameo. Oh, and we discover Silent Bob is a Jedi.

I don’t, personally, understand why this movie was so hated at the time it was released, I think it was a pretty logical progression for Smith to go on to. I think these kind of movies are where he is strongest, movies about two friends dealing with life as it’s thrown at them, he sticks to that through most of his movies, until the later ones, and it works really well for him. This movie, as with all of the View Askew films, deal with real life, in this case it’s trying to win back the love of your life and as funny as this movie is, it’s truthful and has meaning to it.

Honestly there isn’t a ton I can say about this movie, the acting was better than Clerks, but as I’ve said the acting in Clerks didn’t bother me at all because of what the movie was and how much I love the film. This one isn’t as good, but it doesn’t deserve the hate that it gets. The dislike for it has died down a lot since the release of some of his newer films (Zack and Miri, and Cop Out specifically, mostly Cop Out) and I think a lot more people like this movie then they did initially. It’s one of those movies that grow on you over time. Even though I don’t have too much to say about the movie, don’t interpret that as it not being worth watching, it definitely is, it’s just that for this one there isn’t a ton to talk about, it’s a good movie, and that’s all that needs to be said about it.

Mallrats:  7.5/10


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