Before They Were Cool – Walk Among Us


Band: Misfits
Album: Walk Among Us
Label: Ruby and Slash Records
Released: March, 1982
Genre: Horror Punk

Ah yes, the Misfits – perfect horror punk for this months fantastic holiday – Halloween. Continuing with the though whole Halloween vibe here at TUG I decided to take a look at Misfits first full-length album release “Walk Among Us.” Misfits are a band that really know how to get in spirit for the holiday with there ghouly, zombie, B-side horror feel with both appearance and music. They are definitely one of the most influential punk bands of all time and had a very definitive style.

Walk Among Us”  is an essential album for any punk lover. Hell most of Misfits discography is, but if you ask me particularly anything with Glenn Danzig on vocals is brilliant – and this album nails that criteria. This entire album may be short running at about a 25 minute long run time, but it stays true the quality not quantity mindset. The entire album is fast, fun, catchy, in your face and just plain old fun! Lyrically the album ranges from just plain silly lyrics (“I Turned Into a Martian”)  to violent and gruesome (“Mommy can I go out and Kill Tonight”).  Misfits are great because they pump out great music, and don’t take it too seriously. Just like a good ol’ horror movie. That’s what the variety in lyrical themes reminds me of. One minute it’s all gruesome slasher the next it is a self aware mockery of itself in a fun campy sort of way.

Glenn Danzig of course has brilliant vocals, unfortunately the production on the album is a wee shoddy so his range isn’t heard to the greatest extent, but all in all he still belts out each tune with excellence. None of the music is all too technical, but it is punk, technicality is not necessary. Messy power chords played with high energy and thrashing about is how punk should be done and “Walk Among Us”  holds true to that from front to back. The lack of pristine production quality actually gives the album an even more raw feel and gives it a better sound. There is edge to the sound and it just makes it oh so much better!

This is an album with few flaws. It is completely consistent from front to back and delivers all the aggressiveness a good punk album should have. It may be short, but it has wicked sound and if you ever feel like you haven’t heard enough there is always a repeat button.

Overall: 8.5/10


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