TUG of War – Battle #6

Nathan: Welcome one and all to the first Halloween themed TUG of War! We here at TUG love everything to do with the spookiest of holidays and I decided to try my best to do a solid horror themed Battle, what is that you may ask? None other than pitting two of the most iconic horror movie characters of all time against each other, this week we have Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees. Before we get any further let’s take a look at the results of the Battle from two weeks ago:

Coke: 5

Pepsi: 0

Stunning numbers right? Well let’s get to this weeks epic battle of horror that will hopefully end better than Freddy VS Jason. Get it on!

Erik: Two titans of terror facing off in a TUG of War? Hasn’t this already been done in a movie? In any case Freddy vs. Jason is definitely a classic horror match up. Both characters have very successful film franchises and both are excellent in my books. I have seen most of the films that each have been in and to be quite honest I thoroughly enjoy both of them. Both have their own particular style and are two incredibly interesting killing machines.

The back story to each character of these villains are intriguing to me. Freddy was an evil man before his death being a child murderer and his death only made him more powerful allowing him to slaughter his victims in their sleep, which is a truly terrifying notion. Most people feel safe when they are asleep. Not much can harm them and it is seen as a peaceful activity. Freddy completely flips that on its head and makes your dreams the one true place you should fear. The worst part is there is no escape as you have to sleep sometime! Jason’s back story is also quite interesting, having being picked on as a child and ultimately dying at Crystal Lake by drowning due to bullying and the carelessness of the camp leaders. I find Jason easier to root for due to his past and both characters truly evil.

As for appearance, I find both of them frightening in their own way and I quite enjoy the iconic costumes of each. Freddy has his striped sweater, bladed glove, fedora and burnt skin and Jason is a hulking menace with the very iconic hockey mask and machete. The interesting thing about Jason was, he was never intended to be the antagonist for the Friday the 13th film series. He only appears shortly at the end of the first film and the his memorable hockey mask wasn’t even introduced until the 3rd film in the series. Neither of these characters have a preferred look in my books, they both have such unforgettable and unique looks that are interesting in there own ways!

In the end though it really does come down to the killing. I love both of these characters and am honestly struggling as to which one is better, but all in all who kills the best? Jason is a seemingly indestructible brute and Freddy ultimately mind-rapes you until death in your dreams. To me Freddy has the edge. His method of killing is unique and can get pretty interesting where as Jason just kills. So My vote is going to be the one and only Freddy Kreuger.

Justin: I’ve never been too big of a fan of horror movies and slasher movies are just a waste of time. How could one possibly get entertained by something so barbaric as watching a man kill another man for pure pleasure? Some have said that society has really fallen, but to that I say nay, the truth is that we have neither improved or declined, we have continued to remain ever so still, balanced firmly on the precipice that the Gladiators before us have set. So with Nathan demanding me to make a choice between two supernatural gladiators is an insult to my very nature as a film historian. To Freddy and Jason I say put down your weapons of violence and hate, instead pick up a book and learn a thing or two. Maybe with a bit more intelligence you’ll make a good movie.

I did that because I think I’ve been a bit too gung ho on horror movies this month. Truth is The Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises are awesome horror movies that should be watched by anyone that considers themselves a horror fan. Sure, the later editions to both series became quite unbearable and, at times, downright awful, but if you would try and deny their importance to horror film then you would be a straight up idiot. Both Freddy and Jason defined what a slasher movie is: a seemingly supernatural entity constantly on the hunt for more people to kill. Blood will be shed and, god-willing, it will be by their hands.

Now it comes to trying to choose a winner. Freddy is scarier but Jason is more menacing. Freddy has that fear of getting you while you’re most vulnerable, while Jason is an unkillable being that has entered your own human world. Both of that actors known for portraying the two are really stand up dudes. I don’t want to base my choice on the recent remakes either, as that one would give me a very clear winner over the other. So how do I choose between the two icons of slashers? Flip a coin.

Kidding, of course, it wouldn’t be a fair battle if I did that. As a kid I loved Freddy, his look was really cool. The only slasher villain that competed with Freddy when I was a kid was Pinhead. But something drew me to the Friday the 13th movies: my roommate in college had an entire encyclopaedia on the creation of every movie in the franchise apart from the remake. I read through it and ate the whole thing up like candy. It was going through that series that made me really appreciate what Jason brought to horror. Sure, Freddy’s kills are usually a bit more creative, but Jason is working with human built weapons, not the entire world of dreamssssss. Jason was the killer that scared people because of how much more realistic he seemed. Sure, he was fantastical in his own way, but Freddy can’t be real because he is a dead dude killing people in dreams. Jason could very well be that really big guy that lives two blocks down from you. He’s real, Freddy isn’t.

So with that I have to give it to Jason. In the later movies in the Elm Street franchise Freddy got a bit too silly for my taste and became more about the comedy. He was dishing out one liners and I’m not a really big fan of shit like that. Jason has ventured into the world of corniess too (JASON X), but he himself has kept quite powerful and quite intimidating as a foe. If you don’t like it than you can just go die.

Nathan: I am a big fan of horror movies, I love the feeling of getting the crap scared out of you, in a sick way it makes me feel alive.  The Nightmare on Elm Street films and the Friday The 13th movies are some of my favourite among the horror genre, I love everything about them (other than Jason X) and I’m enjoying the hell out of the horror marathon that AMC is running right now (which is hosted by Kevin Smith, just thought that was worth mentioning).  Now when it comes down to choosing a favourite it’s actually a difficult thing for me to do, but an answer must be found so I am going to find it right now!

The first time I ran a marathon of all of these movies wasn’t until Halloween a few years ago, it was actually a marathon on AMC that was playing them all so I hunkered down in my bedroom every night and watched some of the greatest horror icons do what they do best: Murder.  Both of these men(?) are truly terrifying and are, for lack of a better word, legends, both their movies are frightening and engaging for different reasons.  Jason is a horrific, murderous fiend that kinda makes you never want to go camping again, I think my favourite part about him is his backstory and I REALLY liked how they showed it in the most current incarnation of the movies, I didn’t really enjoy the movie, but I liked how focused they seemed on getting across his story.

Freddy, to me, is where the true terror lies though.  I have a hard time sleeping most nights, I just don’t do well, and when I’ve just seen something that has to do with murderous psychopaths who tend to do their thing in the evening, I get a little sketched out for a few days (Marble Hornets is a fantastic example of something that has scared me to no end).  To me it’s the fact that not only does he kill you at night, or while you’re asleep, he comes into your dreams and kills you in the worst way possible, through your subconscious.  Dreams can either be a safe harbor for you or they can end very, very poorly, and when they do they tend to play off of some of your worst fears or be connected to the far tucked away, most depraved part of your mind, and that’s exactly what Freddy Krueger does. So that’s why my vote goes to Freddy Krueger.

So with that we have Freddy coming out on top of Jason. Unlike the movie, SPOILER ALERT!

Freddy Krueger: 2

Jason Voorhees: 1


Let us know your thoughts!

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