The Critic – The Kevin Smith Project

If you follow our Facebook page you’ll have seen a post I put up a few days back saying “come back next week as he starts something fun, for him at least, over on The Critic.”  Well this is that time, well mostly my explanation for  what I meant about starting something fun.  If you know me even slightly you will know that I have the biggest man crush of all time on Kevin Smith and I absolutely think he is a genius and just a funny, clever guy, well as clever as you can be when you write dick and fart jokes for a living.  I listen to his podcasts (SModcast, The SMorning Show, Hollywood Bable-On, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, etc.), I own his books and his movies, and I just generally love this man. He’s a “Fat, Lazy, Slob Who Did Good” as his new book states and I respect that cause I’m fat and lazy too!  I’ve often said that I want to be like Kevin Smith when I grow up and I’m already part way there: I’m fat and a lot of people hate me.

I first came across Kevin Smith’s movies about five, close to six years ago, and it helped me get out of a pretty dark place personally so I think that has a lot to do with my love for everything he’s done.  And here I am these years later in a position to share my love of Fat Kev Smith with you all. I’ve already started a while back with a Run Down of his most recent book and I’ll be posting the last two parts of that review during this Kevin Smith love fest.  Yes that’s going to be mostly what this is, me gushing over how much I love this big man’s work so get ready for a heterosexual love fest to come flying at you harder than anything ever.

The plan for the “Kevin Smith Project” (I really couldn’t come up with a better name and I’m sincerely sorry for that) is thusly: for the next six or seven weeks I’ll be reviewing movies that have been made by Kevin Smith or content Kevin has been in (content includes the book I started reviewing a while back and his Q&A’a and possibly the Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi episodes as well as his two Batman comics CACOPHONY and THE WIDENING GYRE ) and I’m going to have a blast doing so. I really hope that you all join in on my fun and come back on Sunday when I do the Half Way Point for Kevin Smith’s book TOUGH SH*T and again on Tuesday as the Critic does Clerks.

As I’ve said already, this is going to be a lot of fun for me and I hope you all enjoy it too. Let’s do this!


Let us know your thoughts!

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