TUGcast – Looper

We also discuss: Time Travel, Alternate Dimensions, Cloud Atlas, Seven Psychopaths

Hey everyone! We’re back with another TUGcast. This week Erik, Nathan and I all saw the movie Looper. If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely go check it out and then come back for the TUGcast of it. If you have seen it? Come on in for a listen and let us know what you think of the movie. Like with our Dredd podcast there will be spoilers in this– big spoilers, we warn you of it extensively in the cast. There are also some spoilers for the most current episode of Doctor Who, so I figured it would be good to let you guys know about that too.

TUGcast – Looper

Anways, give it a listen and if you want a spoiler free summary of our reviews just click below the cut!

(+) Acting was great, JGL’s make-up was phenomenal
(+) Atmosphere of the movie was enjoyable
(-) Time travel was bothersome at points

7 / 10

(+) Brilliant acting
(+) Good pacing in the film
(+) Would love to see more in the Looper universe, very engaging
(-) Some extremely unnecessary scenes in the middle of the film.
9 / 10

(+) JGL is the man
(+) Great story and very entertaining, solid ending
(+) One of the best action movies in recent memory
(-) Very dull section in the middle of the movie
8 / 10

Paranormal Activity 4 (Apologies to all underage girls)
Cloud Atlas (I’ve included the extended trailer here)
Seven Psychopaths


Let us know your thoughts!

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