Before They Were Cool – Hellbilly Deluxe


Band: Rob Zombie
Album: Hellbilly Deluxe
Label: Geffen Records
Released: August 25, 1998
Genre: Heavy Metal

Here we are, the month of October; a month known particularly for one  very special date – Halloween. So in an effort to get everyone excited about the season I am going to join in this month of spooks and scares with some horror themed album reviews. Starting with a little bit of a past here with Rob Zombie’s debut solo album released just over 14 years ago – “Hellbilly Deluxe.”

This album offers a nice touch of both heaviness and groove. Each song is damn catchy and perfect to headbang to. The use of many electronic sounds also gives a nice added flair and a very industrial feel as well and I almost feel as if the album sounds sloppy. Oddly enough I mean that as a compliment. I do not think that the production is sloppy, but the sound most definitely is. In every way that is a good think. It gives this album an almost “slasher flick” feel which perfectly lends itself well to what it is trying to achieve.

Many of the lyrics and clips are lifted directly from horror movies, which is a nice touch. Apart from that all the lyrics are truly horrifying and absolutely brilliantly themed. The entire album plays like a good old B-movie horror. The guitar tones are aggressive and slightly sludgy which gives a very industrial feel along with the electronic sounds. Also a lot of pick scrapes and over scratchiness add a spooky ambiance to the album. The bass is thumpy and sloppy and adds a level of “murkiness” to the music. Altogether it becomes a brilliant mess of musical horror.

The musicianship on the album is all pretty standard, nothing extremely fascinating; however, this album wouldn’t be quite right with technically brilliant play style. It  is the raw sound that makes truly makes Hellbilly Deluxe great. The riffs are incredibly groovy and catchy and so are the lyrics, especially on the memorable tracks “Superbeast,” “Dragula,” and “Living Dead Girl” which are all staples in Rob Zombies entire career.

I don’t really have much to say about this album. It’s solid, albeit a little short with a run time just under 40 minutes. However, it is good all the way through. Mostly everything I have to say has already been said, but I feel the need to repeat it. I can’t stress how much this album feels like a campy B-movie slasher flick. It does such a good job of encompassing a genre of film into music. The entire essence of a horror movie is present in this album and that’s why it is awesome.

Overall: 7.5/10


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