TUG of War – Battle #5

What do you like more? Pepsi or Coke?

Erik: For this weeks battle we are gonna duke it out between to soft drink titans Coke vs. Pepsi. A long debated battle of the colas! Not to fast though, before we dive on in to this sweet tooth smack down let’s take a lock at the previous TUG of War’s votes.

Trent Reznor: 4

Johnny Cash: 4

A first in the TUG of War Battles lock the two versions of the song in a tie! So let’s get to it. Pepsi or Coke!

Justin: There isn’t much to say on this, but I am going to try. I don’t drink much pop any more, so I’m going to have figure this out based on ~*~ my past ~*~. I may sound crazy for saying this but Coke is sharper than Pepsi. Coke feels like a fizzy drink while Pepsi feels like I’m drinking a thick sweet sludge. Is that strange to say? Coke is better to me because of the strength it kicks you with when you drink it. It’s the same reason I love Sprite (Coke product) one hundred times more than 7-Up (Pepsi product). It seems that the people at Coke understand me, they know I want a sweet drink that doesn’t overwhelm me with the sugar. There is still a hell of a lot of sugar, so much that my teeth cry if I ever drink Coke. Pepsi feels like I am drinking sugar. I mean I’ll suck it up if I had to drink Pepsi but I never go out of my way to drink Pepsi. I rarely drink Coke as it is, maybe two to three times a year. Pepsi? I never drink Pepsi.

Another thing I just want to touch on that Erik reminded me about: their ad campaigns. I won’t go into too much detail, because I’ll leave some for him, but I want to touch on it a bit. Coke’s ad campaigns seem to mostly be about how good Coke is. Pepsi’s ad campaigns seem to mostly about how much worse Coke is than Pepsi. Doesn’t that seem childish to you? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather support a product that isn’t trying to throw mud into their competitor’s eyes.

If reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit: Coke wins, even if just for their GTA commercial.

Nathan: Wow…um…I really don’t have much to say on this topic, I’m actually the last one writing an opinion because I wanted to see what the other two Gentlemen would say so that I could have an idea as what to talk about. It’s funny to me that this battle should come up between us, Justin doesn’t drink much pop any longer, Erik’s stopped completely, and I stopped as of yesterday, so we got three guys who don’t really drink pop anymore talking about which Cola they enjoy more.

As Justin has already stated the big thing that I have to base my opinion off of, Coke has kick. There is nothing on this planet better than that taste of a freshly opened bottle of Coke and you just take that first gulp, don’t tell me that sting doesn’t feel good and it’s damn refreshing too. I mean I know soft drinks are supposedly not refreshing/thirst quenching but to me a cold fresh Coke is second to none. I will say one good thing for Pepsi, if I had to drink a diet Cola I’d go with diet Pepsi over Coke, I don’t know what it is but diet Pepsi tastes better to me.

Like Justin already said and as Erik will elaborate on more in a bit, Coke is original and fun with their advertising, who honestly doesn’t love the adorable polar bear family? Seriously? And their Christmas commercials are always fun to look forward too. Oh fun fact: Coke is the reason Santa’s colours are Red and White, traditionally he is Green and White, he still is in a few countries, Australia for one example. Just thought that was kinda cool. Yeah, that’s all I have to say. Coke get’s my vote too.

Erik: To be completely honest I really do love both of these drinks. Or well I did. Lately I have managed to altogether cut out soft drinks as they are just too damn addicting and sugary. Nonetheless I know what I like when it comes to them and to be frank Coke is damn well better in every way I can imagine.

First off Coke just has the better taste. It has more zing/pop/kick, whatever the hell you wanna say were as Pepsi is just a flatter tasting Cola beverage. That’s what it tastes like to me; Pepsi is a stale Coke. Sure there are moments were I do prefer the slightly different taste, but when I am offered the choice I am going to choose Coke. Plus I am not one of those people who gets angry because the restaurant I chose to eat at happens to serve Pepsi instead of Coke. Nonetheless, Coke is preferable.

Then I feel I have to talk about the “spinoff” versions of the two soft drinks. Coke has Vanilla Coke (probably the greatest soda in existence), cherry coke, Coke Zero, and Diet Vanilla Cherry Coke. Yea that’s a mouthful, but it seriously tastes like a Vanilla Dr. Pepper, if one were to exist. Pepsi has….ummm…..hmmmm Pepsi Max and oh yea I remember that really crap-tastic Pepsi Blue they released when I was about 7. Even then I thought it was crap and sugar was damn near my favourite substance.

Lastly I am going to continue where Justin left off discussing the advertising of both brands. Since it has existed Pepsi has made non-stop ads bashing the hell out of Coke. Which I really wouldn’t mind if it was actually worthy of being able to do so. I will admit some of those commercials have been funny, but all in all it makes them look like the douche of the soft drinks. Coke on the other hand has done nothing but make original and still good ads. Plus they make their product look damn tasty. Every time I see that polar bear take a nice big swig of Coke out of that nicely frosted, animated coke bottle, I think “Damn, that looks refreshing.”

So Coke, you get my vote.

Alright folks, there you have it! The first clean sweep from the gentlemen! Now let’s see if you all share the same opinion! Comment, and vote in the poll below.

Pepsi: 0

Coke: 3


Let us know your thoughts!

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