Stuck Up Cinema – Welcome to Horror Country

Today marks the first day of October, the most badass month of the year. As a kid I loved Halloween growing up. This transferred over quite quickly to my fondness for anything gory, macabre, dark, depressing or anything that’s entire purpose is to terrify me.

I love being scared and I love scaring people. There’s something very rewarding knowing that you were able to step into someone’s head with your images and words enough to freak that person out. The number of times I’ve been sitting home alone and wondered how things would play out if a murderer came for me is almost dangerously high. I have an obscene and questionable obsession and knowledge with serial killers. Ask me things about most serial killers and I’ll be able to spout out an unhealthy amount of information about them. Heard of Richard Chase? Yeah, he’s messed up.

With October comes the need for horror and scary. Halloween needs to be honoured for the awesomeness it is. Because of my need to honour my favourite holiday you need to buckle down and get ready for this month of pure horror. That’s right, all my posts in Stuck Up Cinema and Zero Lives Left are going to have to do with something created to disturb or scare you.

10 posts, 5 in each, all having to do with something scary. If you don’t like horror movies then I urge you to keep reading, you’ll find something that intrigues you here, I promise. My goal is to not just sit in one area of horror. There are tons of different levels horror movies and games can hit on and I want to show it. Gore, torture, unearthly, psychological, realistic– everything, I want to talk about it all.

I’m going to try my best to urge my other Gentlemen into joining me into this month and horror and we’ll see what happens. I’m just excited to share this love of scary I have with you readers. It’s something that means a lot to me and I know you’ll find some enjoyment in it.

This Wednesday on Zero Lives Left I’ll be reviewing my favourite (and in my opinion, best) survival horror game so come back to check that out. Hell, come back tomorrow for Nathan’s review on The Critic.

It seems this shot is pretty much a staple.

As for today, I don’t want to leave this post as a total bust and have it be me just talking about what’s to come so today I’m going to put myself out there for you guys. There’s a reason I love movies so much: I want to be a filmmaker. Directing is my calling and I won’t stop trying to achieve that dream come hell or high water.

In my first year of film school my classmates and I made a short film called The Welder. I wrote, directed and produced it and it achieved a surprisingly large success run. It’s been shown at various festivals and showcases through various methods and we even took home a Best Director award at the Interplay Film Festival. We made it to show around, so why not show it around?

The Welder is a comedy horror with a bigger emphasis on comedy. We decided to take a genre we love so much (slasher) and turn it into an over the top, tongue in cheek, stereotypical gore fest. It was a great shoot, it took us 9 days while balancing classes and it was some of the most fun and stressful days of my life. We’ve shot two other movies, but those aren’t up on Youtube yet because we’re still sending those out to festivals. The Welder has finished his run and he’s now sitting on Youtube waiting for more people to hopefully enjoy it.

I’d love if you watched it, I hope you’re entertained (its primary purpose) and I would appreciate any comments about it below.


Let us know your thoughts!

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