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Hey everyone, how are you doing this week? I decided that this week I’d do another instalment of Channel Surfers dedicated to another one of my favourite YouTube channels. I’ll be looking at a really great channel that looks at pop culture and talks about how it’s more relevant in our lives than we really realize. This week we’ll be taking a look at The PBS Idea Channel. I tried to embed the videos but for some reason they all posted as this weeks current video so…sorry but you’re gonna have to click on links in order to watch the videos. Again sorry.

The summary on the YouTube page says this about the channel: “Here’s an idea: a PBS show that examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art. Mike Rugnetta posts new videos every other Wednesday.” Sound interesting? It really is. Mike Rugnetta, someone who has actually managed to do something interesting and useful with his Liberal Arts Degree, has a lot of really good things to say on everything from Nic Cage to Dubstep, Facebook to Diablo 3, and the Olympics to Minecraft. Oh and did I mention Ponies? Yes the first video I stumbled on from this channel was this wonderful one:

Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity?

Interesting thoughts eh? All of Mike’s videos follow the same form, he’ll announce the idea and then go on about what he thinks on the topic, at the end he’ll read through the comments that pertain to the question he asked in the episode before. The channel is still relatively new, it started in March of this year, but it’s quickly become one of my favourite biweekly YouTube show because it brings up good points and it makes you think, which is something very few things online or on television actually will make you do.

Here’s another one that’s actually very interesting, despite how disappointing it is:

How Did Sherlock Holmes Pave the Way for 50 Shades of Grey?

Again, pretty cool eh? As much as I hate to say it in this instance, he has a point. Let me throw a few more at you then I’ll give you my conclusion. Sound good? I thought so:

Is Nic Cage the Intersection of YOLO and Taoism?

Is William Gibson a Modern Day Oracle?

Is Facebook Changing Our Identity?

So my conclusion? Ideas are powerful things, especially when they have well explained proof or thoughts behind them. That is the basis of this channel and what Mike and PBS are trying to do with this page. I look forward to seeing what new and interesting ideas are discussed every other week and, quite frankly, it sucks that he only does videos every other Wednesday, I would love for them to be released at least once a week, but I understand why they don’t.

I hope that I’ve convinced you to give this channel some time, the videos aren’t long and they are very interesting to watch. Oh, and yes, I am a Brony, but I’ll talk about that later. Have a week!


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