TUGcast – Dredd 3D

TUG is trying out some podcasts! This is our first time doing anything like this so we hope you enjoy it. Erik and I talk about Dredd 3D and the few trailers we saw before the movie. There are spoilers in the TUGcast for Dredd 3D so if you want to know our opinions of the movie in a spoiler-free way, read on below the cut to see our summaries. I’m also attaching links to all the trailers we talked about in the TUGcast so you can check them out if any of them interest you!

TUGcast – Dredd 3D

Once again, if you want the spoiler free summary, read below the cut, otherwise keep reading TUG as you listen!

Nathan: (Couldn’t be there, but gave us me his opinions via text)
(+) The story was good, but predictable
(+) Costumes were good on the other Judges, helmet looked awkward on Urban
(+) It was good guns actually ran out of bullets
(+) Gore was over the top, ridiculous at some points, enjoyable at others
(-) Not a fan of the slow motion
(-) It was really cheesy and took itself too seriously
(-) Was Urban trying to channel his inner Batman?
6 / 10

(+) Incredibly gory, vulgar, brutal action movie
(+) Essentially just entertainment value, nothing else
(-) Acting is subpar
6.5 / 10

(+) Perfect if you want to waste an evening in a good way
(+) The best ‘comic book’ movie out there
(-) Won’t change your opinion on life or challenge you intellectual
6 / 10

The Man with the Iron Fists
Antiviral (This wasn’t the trailer we saw, but it gives a bit more background with just as much disturbing imagery)


One thought on “TUGcast – Dredd 3D

  1. So just for some clarification Rza is member of the WooTang Clan and the guy who turns to gold is Dave Batista an ex WWE Superstar. Yes there are telepaths in the Dredd world but they aren’t really regular Judges they are in their own Psi Division. The movie was a fairly close to the source material, but I’ve only read a few Dredd comics because it’s not really my type of comic. At first I didn’t agree with what Justin said about it being a solid comic book movie but when he went into his explanation it made perfect sense although to me I think Watchmen was more of a comic book on screen than Dredd, but that’s just me. -Nathan

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