Before They Were Cool – Nightlife


Band: Skip the Foreplay
Album: Nightlife
Label: Epitaph Records
Released: May 1, 2012
Genre: Ummm….Dancecore?

So the first thing you may have noticed about this review is the awkward confusion over the genre. To be honest that’s also the most blatantly noticeable thing about this album as well. If you have given this album a listen you will know exactly how I feel when trying to pin this album to any specifics. It’s about as musically confused as a drunk, transgender, bisexual. However, is that really a bad thing?

Now personally I am going to have to say Skip the Foreplay is a band I find odd enjoyment in. As mentioned in several reviews prior to this one I appreciate uniqueness in music. Sometimes I enjoy the same old things being done, that way I always have something to fall back on that I know I will enjoy; however, it’s the bands that try something fresh that catch my attention. Nightlife is an album that catches my attention. Skip the Foreplay does a great job approaching the combination of these two very different genres. I know many people who think they are absolute garbage and I tend to hear a lot of negativity surrounding these guys. Yet, there unique blend of electronic dance beats and hardcore elements work quite harmoniously.

Here’s the rundown. This album is perfectly paced for the unique style it delivers. It does an excellent job keeping up with the high energy of dance music while sticking to some heavy chugging and generic metalcore riffs. From front to back this album doesn’t have a point that drags on. Arguably, some of the metalcore elements are very typical in there sound and structure, yet the interlaced electronic music helps add that extra flair that keeps the album fresh. The best point of this album is it’s production. Mixing both electronic music and metal/hardcore has been done, but to this extent and with such seamless navigation between the styles it’s the best out there for this sound.

Instrumentally the greatest thing was how well the guitars were blended in with a dubstep feel to them. The riffing and mixing of the guitars was spot on for this unique blend. Not only that, but there were quite a few solos and gave the album the little extra “pop” it needed. Namely Dom Perignon, Date Rape Predator, Hangover, Mash it Up and the cover of LMFAO’s Champagne Showers. Apart from that all the instruments were incredibly dull. Everything sounded terribly generic and while it all blended in nicely, it just did not have much of a WOW factor to it.

The vocals also left something to be desired. The screaming was very standard and could have used a little work. The lyrics were incredibly corny at times, but there was no point I felt any draw to the lyrics anyways so that wasn’t a huge let down. This album felt like it was more about the unique musical blend than the lyrical side of things. The absolute worst moment of the album is the rap in the song This City (We’re Taking Over). Other than the filler/instrumentals on the album, This City was by far the most terrible sounding song on the entire album. The rap sections in that song made it increasingly worse to listen to and I don’t see any good reason as to why they kept this on the album. I absolutely can not stand it and every time I hear it I cringe a little inside.

This album is risky. It tries something very different and I think much of the problem is the fan base from each of these genres will have a hard time listening to it. Dubstep/electronic music fans may not enjoy the heavy chugging and screaming; metal fans may not enjoy the “clubby” feel the album has to it. I was personally drawn to this band when I first heard their cover of Champagne Showers by LMFAO. Initially, my response to it was a resounding “huh?” But after a few listens I truly appreciated the sound they delivered. Nightlife offers a positively high energy mix of both a mosh pit and a dance floor. It takes two elements that never often meet and matches them surprisingly well together.

My opinion: give it a shot. Or take several shots and have a wicked party to this album.

Overall: 7/10

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