Between the Panels – Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls Issues 1 and 2

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to do an acutal comic reivew so I’m really glad to be back doing this. Sadly this won’t last too long but on the up side I have a job now and I will soon be starting to catch up on the twoish months of comics I haven’t read then reviews will resume as normal, promise! I’m really exicted for the two comics I’ll be reviewing this week, the first I was going to reivew last month when it came out but I didn’t have to opportunity to do so but this week I have that chance as well as the chance to review the second issue in the series. Let’s do this!


Comic: Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls Issue 1

Publisher: Zenescope

Author: Joey Esposito

Artists: Rafeael Lanhellas, Eduardo Garcia, Marco Cosentino, Jason Embury, and Bruno Cotic

“What happens when the most evil and powerful female characters in teh Grimm Universe join forces? You’ll find out in the new miniseries that brings together an all-star cast of girls that were born to be bad. The Misteress of limbo has gathared together a team of allies from across teh four realms of power. Will anyone be able to stand against the united power of Baba Yaga, the Goblin Queen, and the Queen of spades? Don’t miss the baddest series in the history of Grimm Fairy Tales.”

There lies the premise of this 5 issue mini-series written by Footprints author Joey Esposito and it starts off very strong. It doesn’t waste time showing us that the big bads of the Grimm universe are out to cause as much trouble as they can, their plan is to destory the Falsehood, Sela Mathers, and take control of the Nexus. They unleash a hord of what appear to be overgrown demon bugs of some sort that come afte Sela while she is in prison which leads to her escape and ends with her meeting a possible new ally as they fight side by side, but the horde is no where near being defeated. The whole time the Highborns are looking on as the fight rages on and the Queen of Goblins is sending all she’s got after Sela.

I think this was a great starting issue into a fast paced mini-series in a very popular franchise, although I have to admit that until I’d read this one I hadn’t read any of the Grimm comics, since then I’ve fixed that but that remains. Esposito does a really good job of containing the story enough that if you don’t really know the universe that it’s set in you won’t feel totally lost, some of the terms I had to look up on the google machine such as Falsehood, Highborns and a few other key words but other than that I was perfectly well off. My only real issue with it was some of the art, it didn’t feel consistant to me. You would be reading and looking at pages that looked liked art straight from a cartoon I would watch growing up but then you’d get a pannel were the characters were kind of hazy and they didn’t seem fully finished and then again you would turn the page and get an amazing two page spread of Sela flying through the sky with a prison gaurd and it looked gorgeous. But no matter what you’d find a panel that wasn’t up to par with the rest of the book every page or so. And even though it prevented me getting too lost in what was happening I still thing it is best if you go back and read other Grimm stories for it to make much more sense, but it’s not super important.

Normally this is where I’d say “I can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue and see where this goes, but I’ve already read it. On ward!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls Issue 1: 7.5/10


Comic: Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls Issue 2

Publisher: Zenescope

Author: Joey Esposito

Artists: Eduardo Garcia, Salvador Velazquez, Jason Embury, and Jeff Balke

This second issue moves things on very nicely but this starts bring up thigns that if you are not familar with the world you may get a bit more confused than last time. We learn the plan of the Highborns is to tear all the relms – Neverland, Oz, Myst, and Wonderland –  apart and force them to beg the “Bad Girls” for mercy and help which they would gladly give and as a result the residents of the relms would become slaves to the Highborns. We meet two more characters in this issue: Samantha the Gaurdian of the Earth and Red Riding Hood who is training on Mt. Fuji. Samantha tells Sela and their new ally Nathan that there is a way to stop the demon Flesh Reavers and Sela is the only one who can get things going.

Even though I was a little more lost in this second issue I enjoyed it more, it gave us more of the idea behind the story and things are moving on to a point where either no one is going to survive and the Highborns will become the rulers of the Grimm Universe or that the small team we have right now will somehow save the day. Esposito’s story is very strong and sucked me right in the moment our three heros got to The Nexus and everything started being explained, I cannot wait to see how this builds up and closes. The art in this issue I felt was more solid but left me without those points in the last issue that made me think of the ’90s animation from my childhood, but it was much more consistant than the last issue which was my big complaint.

If you are a lover of fairy tales and epic fantasy stories pick up any Grimm book and so far I recomned Bad Girls as something that anyone who is a fan of these two genre’s will love. Run to your local comic store and grab these first two issues before they’re gone!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls Issue 1: 8.5/10


Man that felt good! I miss doing this! I can’t wait to be doing this again weekly in the next month or so. As always for this weeks and every weeks comic reviews check out IGN’s weekly round up. See you all soon!

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