Channel Surfers – Robbie Sherrard

This week I’m not gonna be talking about a TV show at all, instead I want to talk to you guys about an absolutely brilliant comic who I discovered a few months back: Robbie Sherrard. I discovered him while browsing the front page on Reddit, he made the front page twice I believe, this automatically means he has won the internet, everyone now needs to stop trying to win as Mr Sherrard has already done so.  Anyway this is the video I first saw him in:

I could not stop laughing, his delivery of this monologue had me laughing almost to the point of crying. He says everything in all his videos with such a straight face that it makes what he’s saying all that much better than it already is. I immediately went back and watched all of his other videos, all of which are fantastic. This is going to be a pretty short post as I’m almost out of things to say, but I plan on giving you more videos to watch. I then proceeded to show to as many of my friends as possible, who all thought he was great! Robbie has quickly become my new favourite comedian and I wait impatiently for his next video constantly, the wait is always worth it because you’ll get another great one like this:

I really hope to soon see him live, he replied to one of my comments saying he should come to Edmonton and he said he’d see what he can do and I really hope something comes of it.

Um…that’s really all I have to say for today’s Channel Surfers; as I said, not really a long post today but I felt that I really needed to write this. To me it is really important to show up and coming people who deserve exposure and I want you all to know about him and I hope you all like him as much as I do. Please go watch some more of his videos (I’ll probably post 2 more), like them, subscribe to his channel, leave some comments (on both this post and his videos, that would just be super nice of all of you) and yeah. Shortest post? I think so!

Here are two more of my favourite videos:

And let’s go with this one:

Alright, that’s seriously all I’ve got this week. Go read this weeks TUG of War now or something. Have a great week, talk to you all Thursday for a new Between the Panels!


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