TUG of War – Battle #2

Is it better to game on a PC or a console?

Erik: Well hello there you fine people! Here for another TUG of War? Of course you are. For those unfamiliar this is a newer segment over here at TUG where we get down to the nitty gritty and pit two things together in a battle to the death! Okay, well death may be a little extreme, but the three of us and YOU all come together to decide the winner!

Before moving on to this weeks battle I would like to present the results of the previous Battle that you can view here. Combined votes between us Gentlemen and you brings the total to:

Joker: 10

Bane: 3

Okay so now moving on, in today’s battle we are discussing a very common topic among the gaming community. PC gaming vs. console gaming. So take a look and see who is gonna win this TUG of War!

Justin: Uh oh. This is tough. I’m torn here because I game on both console and PC a lot. I play single player and multiplayer on both platforms and I enjoy both of them to a great extent. Having to choose a winner is a hard choice where I really have to pick apart the pros and cons. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of PC, but that’s mostly because every night before I go to bed I’m with my friends playing Counter Strike or Day of Defeat. Usually we’d meet up and play Soulcalibur, but we’re in the time of PC gaming apparently. They also all love PC, they think it’s to fucking die for, and, I can admit, it gets pretty damn annoying to hear them ramble on and on about how ‘master race’ PC is. Of course this isn’t really a slight against PC, as consoles have annoying fan-boys of their own.

I sit perfectly in the middle with most opinion things in terms of what’s ‘better’. PC and consoles are two completely different gaming experiences. You can play the exact same game on your Playstation and your PC and it’ll feel different. Some work better for others, but that’s just inevitable. I think, if anything, if you’re going to rant and rave violently in favour of one then you need to rethink your choices in life. What I’m saying is that BOTH ARE GOOD. Yes, it isn’t exciting to have someone fall onto the middle ground of an opinion, but you’re just going to have to deal with it. Of course, the whole purpose of TUG of War is to figure out which is the winner. It wouldn’t be fair to my other Gentlemen if I just abstained.

PC gaming is good because it’s fun to pop in and play with a few of your friends online. A lot of games, like FPS’s and RTS’s control better with a mouse and keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts also make things smoother. Mods are also one of the hugest selling features. PC gaming is bad because you have to keep up with the tech and if you don’t know anything about computers, you are boned if some sort of trouble shooting or manual patching is required. Consoles are good because you don’t have to keep up with upgrading, multiplayer is also easily accessible with friends, and some genres play better on console. Consoles are bad because of the limited specs and the fact that they have become an exercise in corporate advertising.

The winner, for me, is due to one simple factor that I’ll understand if not many of you get. I’m going to award this one to console gaming due to the feeling I have when I game on it compared to PC. If I spend an entire day gaming on my PC I feel dirty. I want to shower and get out of the house and do something else (funny, considering I can spend all day browsing the internet on my PC anyway,) but when I spend an entire day gaming on my Xbox or PS3 while relaxing on my couch I feel like I accomplished something. It’s weird, I know, but this is my post for this and you just have to deal. Ultimately, to sum it up crudely, if I spend all day on my console I feel like a gamer, if I spend all day on my PC, I feel like a virgin.

Nathan:  YES! An easy one for me! Last week nearly killed me, as much as I love Bane, the Joker put up a hell of a good fight. Anyway, this week it’s the ultimate battle, one that I never hear the end of from all my gaming friends: PC vs. Console gaming. I started gaming on an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you who aren’t in the know) and I have very fond memories of playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game and the World Domination game with my older brother. Then we moved on from there to my brother owning a PS2 and I a PS1, Legend of Dragoon was one of the best games I have ever played, ever. Even though I played these games it wasn’t until my brother introduced me to the world of Star Craft and Diablo that I really enjoyed gaming. The most disturbing memory for me as a kid playing games is still, other than anything to do with Duke Nukem, is that last scene in Diablo when your hero takes the Soulstone and shoves it in his forehead, creepy stuff guys, seriously!

As time went on I played on more and more consols, I had friends who owned Dreamcasts, Sega Genisis, I at one point had a Game Cube (in my opinion the next step to the Wii was a huge mistake), and then I finally bought an XBox 360, I never became one of those “XBox is better than PlayStation” people because I had always gamed on the PS before, but the XBox introduced me to a whole new world of gaming. I played games with crazy graphics my computer could never have run, all of my friends were online on their XBoxes and we had a blast playing Halo online, or any of these other FPS games, I’ll never forget all those late night sleep-overs growing up where I would play Golden Eye on my friends N64, that game was SO ahead of its time it’s not even funny! More recently I got a laptop that was able to play games that my old hunk of junk Dell could have never played and I have been having a blast on it and it reminded me why I loved playing on my old PC so much.

It’s a different experience with the things you can do and the kind of stuff that is generated for the consoles. I really enjoy using controllers, especially the XBox control, it’s just so comfortable to hold and the layout is just so wonderful. So I’m gonna have to give that as an up for Consoles. My problem with consoles are a nasty, awful thing called ports. When you bring a game from the PC to a console it is usually a very bad idea, I’m not saying it’s always terrible but 9 times out of 10 you’re gonna have a better experience playing a game that was on the PC first ON the PC. For PC I enjoy the way things are set up, one hand on the mouse moving your camera back and forth, the other on the keyboard using the WASD keys for movement and the hotkeys to use special abilities or any number of other things. MODs are also a wonderful thing, they add a different feel to the games and you can do almost anything to the game and it will just make it that much more fun. A down side for PC is definitely the position you are in when playing for me. You’re either sitting hunched over at a table with your full computer set up or you’re laying down, usually, with a laptop. I really enjoy being on a console cause for me I’ll be sitting on a couch with a bowl full of Doritos playing Mass Effect.

My answer to the Ultimate Question? 42. My answer to PC vs. Console? PC wins for me almost every time, for me being on a PC playing a game is a much more immersive experience. When I start playing Star Craft or Diablo III or even the PC version of BioShock, I get much more sucked into the game then I do when I’m playing on my consoles. To me lying around in my bed all day playing a game on my laptop is much more enjoyable and more fulfilling than on my XBox or PS2, or PS1, usually my PS1.


Erik: The ultimate clash of gaming. PC vs. Console. This one is a toughie so I am going to begin this with a bit of an anecdote then lead into my thoughts on which is the better format. Growing up I was never able to own any form of gaming other than my game boy. This always made me really excited to get over to a friends place or my cousins house to game all night on whatever system happened to be available. Playing Mario on the Super Nintendo or Goldeneye on the N64 and in the later years Halo and other such things on the original Xbox. It would always be some form of multiplayer game that we could be focused on for hours on end. This was my main taste in gaming. My family never owned a PC for as long as we could hold out for and whenever I was at a friends it was more accessible to play something two people could play on a console than take turns on PC games. Therefore, from an earlier age my bias points towards that of a console gaming format. However, does that make it the superior option?

Here’s the rundown. PC gaming sales have been on the rise over recent years, now beating out console gaming sales, so it seems from a business aspect that PC gaming is superior. Also taking a look at sheer processing power, the only thing that comes close to a PC in processing power is the PS3, which still only makes up for a little over half of what a PC can boast. So that’s a quick two points in the PC column. Also not to mention the modding and I guess I would say the more freedom you seem to have with PC gaming. Another good point is the online community on PC seems a lot funner and also the dedicated servers on PC. Damn, that’s just a lot of good to say about PC gaming!

However, even with all that good I can personally say PC gaming just isn’t my thing. Sure, I have had tonnes of fun playing PC games and have put in my share of time into it, but I can still say that console gaming feels more entertaining to me.  I prefer gaming with a controller to a keyboard and mouse and while I know I can use controllers on a PC, I still feel more inclined to game on a console than a PC. This may also be due to the fact that I work at a computer all day, so maybe on some level of my subconscious playing on a PC just feels like work. Nonetheless, something just feels off about PC gaming for me personally. While arguably the PC may have many more great points about it than console game, I just find much more joy out of vegging out on my couch or bed and playing xbox/ps3.

So consoles, you still have my loving!

And with that we come to the end of our gentlemanly discussion over the preferred format of gaming rounding the score at:

PC: 1

Console: 2

Now it’s YOUR turn. Drop us a comment on what format of gaming you like and hit up our poll! See you all next week for another epic battle!


4 thoughts on “TUG of War – Battle #2

  1. Yes! A topic within my forte, not that I don’t like comic books, it’s I’m too much of a noob to follow haha. Anyway! Pc vs Console! A battle that has been going on for quiet some time now. I love both my pc and consoles! But! Genre matters for me. Growing up I played Ps 1 with games like the Spyro OMG Spyro I loved that series! come to think of it…..probably the only game I played on the PS1….then there was n64…..pokemon stadium. Was. Amazing. Sooooo much fun to play with friends! Tons of good memories. Anyways! Moving along PS 2 comes out roughly around when xbox came and both whoooooooo! Better graphics! halo? Need for speed? Fable? Etc! The list goes on….the there was xbox 360 and PS3! I’ve loved my consoles, But! I got a computer….and boy did things change.. World of warcraft? warcraft3? Statecraft?…..once again etc. the list goes on. But there was one thing that made gaming different was mods! Well…at first anyway … It made the games look cooler, more interactive, and more immersing……later on I started to…you could say experiment with computers….leading me to what I know today and building computers on the side… ok. Now, genres! Although I love playing games on my pc I still love playing my racing games on the console, it’s easier to hold the trigger to accelerate and press a to boost. the rest goes to pc….it’s….just sooooo good! And cause I’m asian….SC 2…ALL.THE.WAY.

    • Thanks for your input Chung, glad we could write something you know about. I agree, there is so much great about the console world but the things you can do with a PC are just so much cooler, mods are great and then, like you said, after a while you start to want to learn more about computers and in your case you started building them. PC win’s ever time for me. And yes, you are Asian. -Nathan

  2. Nice guys! For me, PC all the way (for more reasons than one my Brother!). Being one who knows how to patch and all that jazz, if you buy a nice computer from the start you may only need to update your graphics card for the next 10 years to continue enjoying the evolution of PC gaming for that decade.

    I must admit though, I started off on a console as a child because our computer sucked major balls. There were some pretty sweet times on my consoles, especially my sega master system II, which I still have the games from… Alex Kid… there’s a memory for you! Peace out gents!

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