Zero Lives Left – Mega Man 10

Game: Mega Man 10
Released: 2010
Available On: XBLA (Review), PSN, WiiWare
Genre: Platformer

Mega Man and Mega Man X were two series that I grew up with. I would spend hours, no joke, hours on my days off in the Summer playing Mega Man. I have a distinct video gaming memory involving Mega Man 2 on my Gameboy. The amount of times that I played and beat that game during my days in after school care was uncountable. I mastered the game and knew it in and out. The robot masters always were a huge selling point for me too. Snake Man, Skull Man and Junk Man were some of my favourites. Looking back now, I had some weird choices for which were my favourite robot masters, but what matters is that I had something to love in an awesome video game series.

I drifted away from the Mega Man series as I grew older and found myself able to access the world of gaming more. This wasn’t because I didn’t like the games, it was just the whole process of growing up and moving on. It’s like when you have that friend that you drift apart from– you guys still like each other as friends, you just both are leading completely different lives, and when you do hang out it’s like nothing has changed. That’s me and Mega Man. It happened with that big Mega Man anniversary collection on the PS2 and it happened again in Mega Man 10. It was on sale for 400 points one day on the XBLA; buying it was a no brainer.

There isn’t really much to say about Mega Man. It’s video gaming history at this point. If you need a quick summary of Mega Man, I’ll post it here. If you know Mega Man just move on to the next paragraph. Seriously, I won’t be disappointed or upset or anything. So you play a man who is mega and you are tasked to defeat Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters. The Robot Masters are a series of bosses that each have their own special ability and weakness to other Robot Master’s powers. When you defeat a Robot Master you get his power and you can use said power to kick the crap out of the next Robot Master. When all of them are defeated you take the long and treacherous journey to Dr. Wily’s fortress to defeat him in battle yourself.

A big selling point of Mega Man is the difficulty of the games. The games also have a very unique distinction of being one of the few games that get a pass without criticism of not really having its own difficulty curve. That’s because Mega Man games revolve around being able to tackle whatever Robot Master you’d like in whatever order you’d like. You can also, with pattern recognition, easily defeat every Robot Master with just your default weapon the Mega Buster. In fact, there is even an achievement for doing this. There are also a variety of challenge modes to the game which, to my knowledge, are new to either this or Mega Man 9. The levels are standard Mega Man, with all the tropes of difficult platforming. Disappearing platforms, enemies putting you through bullet hell, and numerous insta-death pits and spikes.

Intensely difficult platforming bliss!

The game itself, although fun, isn’t really anything to write home about. It’s also quite obvious to tell that the Robot Master well of creativity is running dry. Either that or they just weren’t really trying with a few of them. I mean there’s Pump Man, a Robot Master with a fricking pump on his head. The level design is also nothing to really freak out about. A lot of is uninspired reiterations of old Mega Man ideas. Yes, it’s hard to be new and exciting when you have your tenth game of something, but just because it’s an old game series doesn’t mean any corners should be cut in terms of criticism. The multiple difficulty levels, easy to hard, are a great addition to a game that some gamers might find to be too overwhelming.

In the end, I really enjoyed Mega Man 10. It was a great game to waste the few nights I spent playing it. I went through and got all the achievements that I could’ve (apart from the ludicrous ‘Complete the game without getting hit’ one.) I got the Robot Masters down and I was having a fun time. This entertainment was all at face value though, and for that reason I can’t feel happy in saying that I LOVED the game. I enjoyed it, but I could look through all of it and see that it wasn’t exactly what I remembered. I don’t regret purchasing it and, you know what, if you want to purchase it you shouldn’t regret it either! Mega Man 10 is fun, and sometimes you just want a game that is pure fun with no thinking or investment. The challenge of it is a positive too, if you’re craving that sort of thing.

Mega Man 10: 7/10

I hear Mega Man 9 is the better of the two ‘new vintage’ Mega Mans, so I’ll give that one a try and hopefully review it in the future.


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