Before They Were Cool – Sin and Bones


Band: Fozzy
Album: Sin and Bones
Label: Century Media Records
Released: August 14, 2012
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Last week Fozzy released their latest album titled “Sin and Bones.” To be honest up until this point I had never listened to a Fozzy track, nor even heard of them and was quite surprised to learn that they are fronted by WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. This being the first album I have ever listened to by Fozzy I am going to see how much of an impression this band can deliver.

Lately I have been on quite a big heavy metal/hard rock kick musically and this album played quite well into that mood . The album opens with the track “Spider in my Mouth” which has a very fitting intro, that being the itsy bitsy spider nursery rhyme. A simple  idea, but it worked quite well just before kicking into a steady 4/4 rock groove. Jericho’s vocals are also very fitting for this genre and that was apparent immediately after the first verse. He has a fairly strong vocal delivery with a good sound although at moments throughout the album I did notice he reaches just a little out of his range. Nonetheless, he still maintained a solid voice. Improving on the vocals was the accompaniment on the second track “Sandpaper” with M. Shadows. These two vocalists worked incredibly well together and their voices just fit ever so pleasantly for a nice melody and made for another solid song.

Lyrically the album altogether was fairly decent, everything was very fitting to the genre and it blended in will with the instrumental melodies, however nothing truly caught my attention. Overall, that is how most aspects of the album felt. Everything was very standard especially in the arrangement of the songs. Very typical “intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo/bridge, chorus chorus. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Musically nothing sounded terrible and it was mixed fairly well; however, I just tend to get tired of that very standard format and sometimes it makes me feel somewhat bored, which is something I never want when listening to music.

With all this being said, the music was good. Yes, it followed a very standard 4/4 time and was very generic rock orientated, but it still sounded good. The only problem that occurs when following the norm is that everything tends to start sounding quite similar. I find when a band plays to this style, there needs to be something that really catches my attention and frankly nothing really caught my attention. All the guitar riffs were solid but very typical and I didn’t find myself rocking out as I do to many other bands with the same relative musical direction. Some of the solos on the album were very plain, but some were pretty solid – notably the solo from the last track “Storm the Beaches.” As for the drumming on the album everything kept a very solid beat, but I felt as though most of the drum fills were very wooden and stiff in their delivery and they left something to be desired. Everything sounded good and that’s awesome, but it’s just not enough. It was consistent all the way through, but it also didn’t expand on anything musically.

The music industry is altogether flooded and when you are delivering a very typical style, sounding good just isn’t good enough. The music was solid, but very average. With many other musicians out there approaching this same sound, I would personally choose other bands who deliver something a little better. Overall, “Sin and Bones” left a decent impression, but nothing outstanding.

Overall: 6.5/10


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