Channel Surfers – Continuum Season One

Season One of Continuum wrapped up this last Sunday and it left me wanting much, much more. A few months back I reviewed the first episode of Continuum and said that I couldn’t wait to see where the show was headed and that it had some very obvious potential. And boy did it deliver! I’m going to go in and take a look at the season as a whole in this post with as few spoilers as possible, I will warn if spoilers are approaching and I will say when they are done. So with that let’s look at Continuum Season 1.

Even though I went through it the last time I talked about the show I’m going to talk about the idea behind this show once again. Continuum is a sci-fi crime drama about a police officer, Kiera Cameron, who, while watching over the execution of  a group of terrorists, gets caught up in a blast that takes her from Vancouver in the year 2077 back to 2012. She finds out that the members of this terrorist cell, Liber8, had set it up so that this would happen, although they only meant to go back six years not sixty-five. The group decides to make the best of a bad situation and start their cause up in 2012 in the hopes of preventing the events they were trying to stop by travelling back 6 years from happening in the first place. What is Liber8’s cause? Great question! In Kiera’s time the government of Canada collapsed and the major corporations of the time bailed them out and took over control of the government turning it into a corporate regime where the corporations could do no wrong as they controlled everything. While hunting down these terrorists she ends up working alongside the Vancouver PD posing as a detective from the States who has been following Liber8 for years.

When I first found out about this show and learned the main concept behind it I was very excited and after watching the series premier I knew this would quickly become one of my favourite shows on television, and week by week the show delivered. Every episode starts off with a glimpse of Kiera’s life in 2077 with a few flashbacks dispersed throughout the show which always ties back to the episode, the further we get into the show the more we learn about Kiera’s life and her connection to what’s happening. While in 2012 she inadvertently meets a young man named Alec Sadler through the tech she has implanted in her so that she can keep in contact with the base in 2077. This young man we find out very soon into episode 1 was the person who created most of the technology her civilization is based on and they form a trusting relationship. Alec tells Kiera that there are two possible explanations for her and the Liber8 terrorists being sent back to 2012 the first is that this is a time loop, and elderly Alec in 2077 had already met Kiera, remembered everything they did together, and was possibly even inspired to create cybernetic technology from encountering “his” future work in her implants. In this case, nothing can be changed, and the mega-corporations will still dominate the planet in 2077. The second possibility is that the time travel of the terrorists and Kiera has altered the pre-existing timeline, and due to their intervention it is no longer certain what 2077 will be like.

That is the basic rundown of the show, now onto my thoughts about the first season. The one thought that I’ve had to ignore throughout the first season is that I would probably be a member of Liber8 if I had the chance, to me it seems wrong that corporations should be the form of government in this future world, especially the way it’s portrayed. It’s never said exactly how this government works but from what I understand it is no longer much of a democracy and the corporations have complete control over every act that the country takes. To me, fighting against this form of oppression seems like less of an act of terrorism and more of a form of freedom fighting. Keep in mind they never explain how this government system works though so I could be, and probably am, completely wrong.

The visuals in this show are superb for television, and even some low budget movies I’ve seen. The acting is solid throughout the season and even minor characters are well portrayed. There is some great music backing up the show that can really effect your experience from one moment to the next in a drastic way. Every episode has a very solid idea behind it and it carries that idea out wonderfully and each episode plays into building up to the big reveals in the season finale. Every episode is important as is expected from a show that has only 10 episodes in the season, each one helps us understand a new piece of the puzzle that is why this all happened and what can be done about it.

I have really enjoyed watching this season and can’t wait for them to confirm, probably at Fan Expo Vancouver later this month, that season 2 is a go. There is nothing that I need to criticize about the show in fact this first season gets the biggest complement I think I can give any debut of a series. My biggest issue with most debut seasons is that they spend too much time building characters and relationships between characters and only the last bit of the season has much plot to it, all we do for 15+ episodes is learn about the characters. Continuum was really effective at getting all the important things out in the first twoish episodes of the season and any more learning we needed to do was usually shown in the flashes to 2077 and if they weren’t then it was done in a clever way that didn’t feel dry to me. By episode 4 we have all the character motivations needed to understand the show and then a couple of episodes later we meet some new characters and in 15 minutes we have them down well enough. This show is constantly interesting.

I highly suggest finding this show on Showcase in reruns when they start up or online and I definitely think that season one on DVD or Blu-Ray will be well worth your money. Continuum is a great show, a show I’ve enjoyed more than any show in quite a while and I’m glad to have it as the replacement for the lack of solid Canadian made sci-fi on tv right now. As much as I miss Stargate, Continuum definitely has the ability to fill that hole in my heart, and I don’t think I can give it any higher praise than that.


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