Stuck Up Cinema – Wreck-It Ralph Hypefest

It’s that time of the week again. It’s Monday, so what better way to start your week than reading about a great looking movie coming out later this week. That’s right, on this Stuck Up Cinema I shall be hyping up another movie as I usually do. I think it almost goes without saying but I really like video games. I always have and, I hope to God, I always will. I also like movies– obviously because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing this post. Now… when you put movies and video games together I get giddy. So giddy. When the movie in question looks like it’s good (As many are not)? Fire works go off, orgasms happen, peace comes to the world because I am that giddy.

Wreck-It Ralph brought peace to the universe for the entirety of its trailer. I saw the trailer when I went to see Brave and, man, it was heaven. I’ll dive a bit deeper into how the trailer made me feel further on in this, I think for now I should get us on the same page and show you the trailer.





Alright, I’m actually not one of those guys who’s hyped up for it just because of the video game cameos. I’m hyped up for this because there are people putting interesting characters, a fun story and, seemingly from the trailer, quality into my universe; into my interests. It’s common for there to be movies based on existing video games. It however is not common for there to be a movie about video games, at least not anything of note.

That’s what really excites me about this movie. It takes the existing video game universe and turns it on its head for a bit. What if the bad guys in video games aren’t necessarily bad guys? What if they just have to go to work and punch in their time card and be evil for a bit? What if, to push it even further, they don’t even want to be the bad guy and want to become the hero. They want to save the princess for once as opposed to always kidnapping her. Wreck-It Ralph decides he doesn’t want to be just the villain and escapes his arcade unit to become the hero for once. Video games think, that’s what this movie is proposing. The characters have opinions, lives, feelings and this is basically just their job that they follow because they have to.

Essentially, it’s Toy Story but with video games.

Not to mention the movie seems to span over the clichés and history of gaming. Wreck-It Ralph’s game is obviously a classic arcade game reminiscent of Donkey Kong. Also from the trailer I can pick out a modern shooter a la Call of Duty, and I believe I saw something like a kiddie game platforming world. I hope there’s more to it than just that, as I feel like there is a lot of possibilities in the realm of gaming that can be touched upon. I’m not saying something as extreme as real time strategy or SimCopter needs to be touched on, but it would be interesting to see smaller genres mentioned. Something like a fantasy RPG would be just perrrrfect.

The excitement that the trailer caused me is almost unparalleled in recent memory for me movie-wise. When watching it I got the corny symptoms of trailer viewing: goosebumps, cheeky grin, tears forming in eyes. I was pretty much becoming a slave to Wreck-It Ralph and I cannot wait to see it. I like John C. Reilly more than most people and I think he’ll do a great job in the role. I’m definitely going to be there in the first opening weeks of the film and I think you should too. Especially if you like video games. Expect a review of this on a Stuck Up Cinema to come.


Let us know your thoughts!

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