Video Game Rage – An Introduction

What makes you tick in video gaming? Everyone has certain things that annoy them; pet peeves if you will. I have expectations that are way too high and these expectations usually result in me becoming unfathomably pissed off. I get frustrated easily because I’m always expecting better. I’m an elitist in every sense of the word and I wouldn’t change it for a second. If I find something that annoys me I am going to point it out, make fun of it until it cries and do whatever I can to ensure that nobody else in the entire world enjoys it either. My scope is not nearly large enough to reach audience with the entire world so I should start simple and use The Ubiquitous Gentlemen as the source of airing my grievances with gaming.

Welcome to Video Game Rage. A new post that I, Justin, will be writing with the focus on gaming. To be more specific: a focus on all my extreme opinions of gaming, whether they be glowing positives or unforgivable negatives and annoyances. If you read other posts on TUG think of it as Stuck Up Cinema without any reviews, just me blabbering on and on about my thoughts and feelings of gaming. If you would feel so kind, you can join me every Saturday when I stand on my soapbox and a new entry of Video Game Rage will be posted.

What are some topics that one can expect from Video Game Rage?

  • Annoyances and Pet Peeves (Invisible Walls / Escort Missions)
  • Unforgivable Glitches (Falling through Walls)
  • Level Discussion (What Makes a Good Level? / Level Types and Cliches)
  • Rankings (Best Skyrim Questlines / Best Bioshock Chapters / Worst Boss Fights in Gaming)
  • General Discussion / Rants / Musings about Video Games and its Industry

So yes, it is a very broad category for TUG but diversity makes it more exciting. I hope that Video Game Rage will be a post that all gamers can relate to and enjoy reading. With that I would really love if you ever wanted me to discuss a topic in gaming, any topic, just post it in the comments or e-mail me at justin.cauti (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sometimes I will get incredibly specific and scrutinize one specific part of a video game. There is a very simple reason for something like this: I am currently getting frustrated by that moment in the game. Odds are I was getting annoyed, I paused my current game, opened up my laptop and posted my annoyances in a post for TUG. With that it’s very likely that most posts in VGR will be inane and jumbled ramblings that might not make much sense. Of course, I don’t want this to be a turn off for you, as I hope to approach every post in this with comedy and fun. It’s not entertaining to listen to a man seriously talk about his problems, but if it’s sarcastic and comical then there is a better chance you’ll keep reading.

I know this is short, but I was aiming to use this just as an introduction into a new category I am writing for this wonderful blog. It’s my goal to make this place as diverse as possible, and my other Gentlemen are doing a damn fine job of it and I wanted to help by increasing video game discussion. I repeat, if you like gaming this is a post you need to read. Check back every Saturday, starting next week on August 4th, when I will post a new Video Game Rage and, god-willing, keep you entertained.

Aren’t glitches fun?


Let us know your thoughts!

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