Zero Lives Left – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Game: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Released: 2012
Available On: Xbox 360 (Review), Playstation 3, PC
Genre: Third Person Shooter

When it comes to reviewing a game I like to beat the campaign and dive into as many of the additional features that I can. It just makes sense and something like this is a no-brainer. You can’t review a movie only watching half of it, so in turn you should try to get as much as you can out of a video game before you try and form an opinion of it. I’ll now admit, with all that in mind, that this review is a sin. I was not able to complete all of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City so really my review shouldn’t exist. I won’t take offense in the slightest if you decide to go and find a better, more concrete, review of ORC on the internet now. I have to live with my guilt and understand what I did was wrong.

The reason I did it? Operation Raccoon City was one of my least favorite gaming experiences in recent memory. I made it about 60-70% through the campaign and played a bit of multiplayer before I put down the controller and said aloud, to myself, in my basement: ‘no, this game just isn’t worth it.’ Not worth it is a description you never want to be given because it is the ultimate expression of apathy. I could go out of my way to play this shitty shooter to ensure I have a full and complete opinion to review it on but… it’s not worth it.

The age old game of Gun vs Stick begins another round.

I like Resident Evil. Grade 7 was when I truly started to get more interested in video games and approach them less casually. Survival Horror was one of my favorite genres growing up and that still sits with me today, Silent Hill and Resident Evil were my go to series growing up. I was not one of the fans of the series that disliked the shift from Survival to Action Horror with Resident Evil 4, and I moderately enjoyed Resident Evil 5. Operation Raccoon City, purposely, drops all of the horror and we’re just left with action. Boring old action that is so tired at this point that its blandness is almost offensive.

Yes, I understand that ultimately that was the purpose of Resident Evil: ORC. Capcom wanted a more casual game that they could market to the Call of Duty crowd. I’d say they did a pretty good job in matching the quality of their game to the quality of recent CoDs, but you shouldn’t have to bastardize yourself in order to sell a product. Casual doesn’t have to mean boring, and shooters don’t have to be you running around boring locations shooting boring things. If you haven’t gathered it yet, Operation Raccoon City is boring. I’m frustrated looking back into the hours I wasted playing this game getting up to the point in the story that I did, it wasn’t worth the effort. I could’ve spent my time staring at a wall and it would’ve been better spent.

Umbrella Corp Photo Op

I can understand if I’m not really selling anybody on the game. I guess I’ll talk about a few positives to balance out my seething hatred for the game. The character designs all look neat and it is really cool to interact with the ‘world’ of Resident Evil 2, even if it is a lot more loose of an interaction than they’d lead to you believe. There is also something incredibly satisfying about shooting zombie’s heads off with one shot with your pistol, it’s one of those rare video game joys that feels fulfilling every time. I played through the campaign alone, I was aware there was a co-op option but I couldn’t be bothered to find friends to join me on the campaign and I didn’t want to play with strangers. Oddly enough a lot of people complained about bad A.I., but I had no troubles with them while I played. I played the multiplayer a bit, but never enough to get anywhere good because if I didn’t want to sink my time in single player there was no way in hell I’d waste it away in multiplayer either.

Please note that all of my negativity for the game just comes from the mood that it put me in. I had no issues with any technical elements of the game and only had a few issues with the controls that were more user error than bad design. However the apathy and vibe that this game put me in is incomparable to games in recent memory. Resident Evil: ORC is a bad game. At no point was I having fun while playing it, getting to the point I did get at was a chore. I eventually just smartened up and realize that if I wasn’t having a good time, why bother playing it? Now with all that in mind if you really, really, really want to you can go pick up Resident Evil: Operation and form an opinion of your own, but all that effort? It’s not worth it.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City: 3/10

And stick remains the champion…

It’s also my Mom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Mom! 😀


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