Zero Lives Left – Awesomenauts

Game: Awesomenauts
Released: 2012
Available On:  XBLA (Review), PSN
Genre: Action Real Time Strategy

I’m a single player purist, I’m also somewhat of a pussy. When I’m in an online game and I’m getting my ass handed to me I’m not going to have any fun, and when I’m not going to have any fun I don’t really want to play it. This is why I don’t play a lot of video games online unless it’s with my friends, i.e.: people I don’t mind getting beat by. I’ve tried Call of Duty online in 4, WAW, MW2 and Black Ops and every single one of them I had absolutely no fun. I just get slaughtered by the people who are admit tingly (?) MUCH better than I am. I won’t try and compete with them and say I’m better, it’s just that massively multiplayer games are just not my thing and I am perfectly okay with that.

With all that in mind it’s very odd of me to purchase a game like Awesomenauts, a game that caters to the online community. I convinced a friend to buy it after enjoying the Achievement Hunter Let’s Play I watched and him and I promptly played, and enjoyed, 6 or so rounds of Awesomenauts. That night when I got back to my place I immediately bought Awesomenauts for myself and began to play a few rounds myself. Basically, Awesomenauts is a simple kind of addicting.

The game’s gameplay is simple. It’s a 3 vs 3 format where you work together with your teammates to destroy your enemy’s defense turrets to gain further access into their base to destroy their… central… power… thing. The combat is simple, you have a button to jump, a button to shoot, a button to teleport, and two buttons for abilities you can buy at the in-game store. It’s fun and fast, although a little annoying when your enemy escapes your grasp right before you’re about to kill him. That’s what my friend and I learnt quite quickly: this isn’t a game about fighting to the death, it’s about running away with your life if need be. Dying makes you lose money, and you don’t want that, right?

There are six characters in the game currently and all of them are very different. The problem with that is that I’ve only found two characters that I enjoy playing, the other four are just ones I will use to get the achievement required and then I’ll let them collect dust on the character select screen. The one character I main, named Lonestar, seems to be the game’s ‘easy mode’, but fully upgraded he can destroy most of the characters in two hits, and there is nothing more badass than a badass renegade cowboy.

Diversity in the maps is a little scarce as there are only about three or four of them that don’t seem to rotate too frequently. I’ve played on one specific map about twice as much as the others, but after playing the game for a while I imagine the maps don’t even matter. You’ll just be using muscle memory to find the nearest turret and then using muscle memory to find the closest health pick ups when you’re fleeing from an enemy. Every map does have a unique little perk like defense bots, anti-gravity or a player eating space worm, all of these make the maps fun, especially catching an opponent in aforementioned player eating space worm.

The game could get very repetitive because it isn’t particularily deep, but Awesomenauts isn’t the kind of game that you’ll sit and spend hours playing. You’ll probably play a few games when you can play with your friends and then stop playing and go outside and do other things. Of course I’m sure there are gamers who LOVE this kind of game and they will play it nonstop forever and ever and they’ll get so good at it and then they’ll be the kings of Awesomenauts. More power to them and their weird gaming habits, this game however is not the kind of game I can get for long.

The animation is quirky, the characters are amusing and the entire game has an enjoyable atmosphere. It’s a fun little pick up and play kind of game that is a great local or online co-op with some friends. As I said, it’s not exactly deep, but a game called Awesomenauts doesn’t need to be deep. It’s a good game, not a great game, but I was entertained. I’d recommend it highly to people who like simple multiplayer games that are a bit different than most others. If you do end up buying it hit me up on Xbox! My GT is KingCauti

Awesomenauts: 7/10


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