The Critic: Bonus Review – La Luna

Welcome to my first of, I hope many, bonus reviews. My Brave movie review most likely brought you here, if not check it out HERE.

When you go to a Disney/Pixar movie you usually expect to see not only a good movie, but a good short at right before the movie. This new short is called La Luna, it is a coming of age story about a young man who goes out into the middle of the lake, or ocean even, with his father and grandfather. While waiting there the boy get’s hew first, presumably, hat that made him officially one of them. Now what does being one of them mean? It means that every night when the moon rises they will go out, climb up to the moon, and sweep up the fallen stars, which make the moon glow, and thus change the moon from a full moon to a half moon to a crescent moon and so on.

I really enjoyed this short as I always do with these short animated films. It was a nice way to start off the film, and seemed to confuse a lot of people who were in the theatre with me. There were a few that went out of the theatre with everything they brought in and came back, I’m assuming to make sure they were in the right movie, and a lot of little kids were not pleased that Brave wasn’t playing but this “boring trailer” was.

The animation in this was great, I loved the story, I loved the music and it just made me feel good! Sadly all animated shorts by Pixar have to be compared to my absolute favourite short, the one where the old guy is playing chess against himself. I just loved that one so much. Check this one out even if you don’t go to Brave I’m sure you can find it somewhere. And if you enjoy the short, go to your local bookstore or and buy a copy of the book based off of the film.

La Luna: 8.5/10


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