The Critic Talks about The Prototype

Today I’m going to take a page out of Justin’s book and, not necessarily hype up as much as he would, or as well, but just TELL you about a movie that I am very excited for. Yeah, I know it’s Sunday, I know I’m supposed to be posting a Readers Indigestion today but the truth is, I haven’t been reading a TON lately, I’m trying to run through Diablo 3 and get that done, but I assure you, my part 3s are coming, just give me a bit. Today I’m going to talk about the movie The Prototype.

Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer for this movie yet, let me embed it so that yall can know what I’m talking about.

Cool right? I saw this movie trailer this last week while watching Attack of the Show and immediately I knew that I had to see it. Let me give you some background on this movie and we can see where it may be going.

The trailer doesn’t revile a ton of info but it shows enough for it to have peaked my interest. It suggests that the next form of human…evolution as it were is robotics, and it shows that the, I’m assuming, main character has a malignant tumor, so suddenly all sorts of speculation jumps to the for front of my mind. Is this character going to become the robot in question? Perhaps he is going to become the first human integrated with a robot. This speculation is further supported when you see this guy enter the equation:

A human who looks suspiciously like he’s been joined with robotic parts, it may look just like a suit of some sort but if you actually watched the trailer you see that the robot’s body looks a lot like this. It just makes me think that this is a way he thought up to beat cancer. It could be an interesting plot point, or I could be COMPLETELY wrong.

The drone as they call it throughout the trailer is being hunted by a military force of some sort, they claim that this latest model of drone has escaped and is dangerous. To me it seems that this drone knows nothing about life outside where it was created and is now experiencing this and will probably be a bit childlike. There are so many ways that this could go that the possibilities of a robot take over are there too, highly unlikely as this seems to be the only drone but it’s there nonetheless.

There is so much to talk about for what goes on in this trailer, and all of it leads to wild speculation, so I’m going to step away from the “What if’s” and give some info on the creators.

The film is written and directed by Andrew Will, a screenwriter new to the game having only written and directed a movie called Homeland before this. He has however worked on pretty large movies such as Beowolf, The Bucket List and Star Trek. It’s producers are The Bandito Brothers, known for their less than well received movie Act of Valor, I never saw it but that is just because I had no desire to pay for a movie with Marine’s subbing as actors in a movie that apparently falls to pieces in the third act. That movie cost 12 million to make and they have been given a budget of about 80 million this time around so my hopes are that they will be able to play around more with this and really show what they can do. Whatever that is.

The film, at this point does not have a carrier but is slated for release sometime next year. I really hope that this happens as it looks like it could have great potential, and I’m a sucker for a good sci-fi movie. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like robots and I’m horrified of Skynet. If you have seen the movie I, Robot, I’m like Will Smith’s character, I don’t trust them, so any chance to see a movie like this really gets me excited. I hope that you all will keep tabs on this movie and that when it does get a carrier and is released that you will all check it out. As it goes a long and more trailers are released I’ll post them on our Facebook page and we’ll see where it goes from there.

-The Prototype is slated for a mid 2013 release.

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