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Sorry that I wasn’t able to get a Between the Panels post up this week, things were pretty crazy for me Wednesday and Thursday, I haven’t even picked up this weeks comics, but as always you can head over to IGN for their weeks comic roundup. This week I want to talk about a show that has meant a lot to me since I was very little and is still relevant right now. That show is Boy Meets World, if you haven’t seen it check it out, it’s definitely worth your time and is a very enjoyable show to watch. This show teaches you so much about life when you’re little and as you grow up and watch reruns or, as I just finished doing, watch the DVDs it is still so relevant. This is going to be less of a review and more of me talking about a show I love, I will give you a score at the end but in all reality the score is very unimportant.

Boy Meets World was a sitcom that started in 1993 and ended in 2000, it is, quite literally, a boy, Cory Matthews, getting to know the world around him. Throughout the series we get to see him and his best friend, Shawn Hunter, and his eventual wife, Topanga Lawrence, go through various issues that are very realistic and could have happened to many families. Other important characters are Mr and Mrs Matthews (Cory’s parents), Eric Matthews (Cory’s brother), Morgan Matthews (Cory’s little sister), George Feeny (Cory, Shawn and Topanga’s teacher, throughout the WHOLE series), Jack Hunger (Shawn’s half-brother), Angela Moore (Shawn’s girlfriend), and Rachel McGuire (Eric and Jack’s roommate and Jack’s girlfriend for a short period of time). We get to see what their lives are like in this show, it deals with very real topics such as alcoholism, family problems, brotherly issues, and just learning how to get through life as well as you possibly can.

The show starts off with Cory and Shawn in middle school with their seemingly all-knowing teacher Mr Feeny, who also happens to be Cory’s next door neighbor. The first season is mostly a set up of characters, which most first seasons are, we get to learn how close Cory and Shawn really are, how weird Topanga is, how intimidating, but helpful Mr. Feeny is, how stupid Eric is and how much the Matthews family cares about each other. There are a lot of heartfelt moments and we get to see how everyone works in relationship to one another.

As the series goes on Cory and Topanga quickly fall in love, Cory and Shawn continue to do crazy stuff as best friends, and life lessons are continually learned. About midway into the series Shawn’s dad leaves to go hunt down his mother who left them recently, so Shawn moves into one of the teachers houses, Mr Turner. This leads to some fantastic episodes dealing with Shawn, including the before mentioned alcohol episode. My favourite one is near the end of that season where Shawn discovers a place, I can’t think of what it is called off the top of my head, but it is a rather cultish place, it’s a rather unsettling episode to tell you the truth. To me Boy Meets World was best when it did things like this, it wasn’t afraid to go places where shows today don’t touch on much, there is a lot of episodes, like this one, that deal with the topic of faith and what one believes in. Shawn has to find out what he really believes in when he joins this group them Mr Turner gets into a motorcycle accident and he asks God for help and forsakes the cult like group he is in. This brings me to an issue I have with the show, a recurring issue, probably the only one though.

That issue is one of continuity. There are two instances that bother me more than any. The first one is that they say, later on in the series, season 5 and on I want to say, that Cory and Topanga have been in love since they first met when they were just months or years old, and at one point Cory says his first kiss was with Topanga in a sandbox when they were little when if fact their first kiss was in a season 1 episode. Anyway, my point is, they constantly change their mind about how long Cory and Topanga have been with each other. My second one is the topic of Mr Turner’s motorcycle accident. It happens at the end of season 4, he is in a full body cast and is not in good shape at all, it seems like he is going to die. But do we ever find out what happens to him? No, after that episode he is NEVER mentioned again. Ever! One thing that I thought was great was that briefly into season 2 Morgan stops showing up as a character. Then in season 3 a new actress comes down playing Morgan and she makes the comment that she had been up in her room for a REALLY long time. For the rest of that episode and random times for the rest of the season jokes are made about her missing a year of events in everyone’s life.


 Mr Feeny is the teacher everyone wished they had, knowledgeable, helpful, and wise. He is there throughout every year of their schooling, their teacher in middle school, their principle and teacher in high school, and their professor in college. He helps them make some of the most important decisions in their lives and gives them advice that they will never forget, and will be able to use for the rest of their lives. The character of George Feeny means a lot to me because I had a teacher like that for me throughout Jr. High and High School, so I know what it was like for them to get that teacher. Those people can become the most important in your life, and they will always be remembered. Eric is just a funny screw up it seems, but he is really a great brother, he does things to help out his friends and family and even thought he messes up, he means well and means a lot to all the characters.

Eventually Cory and Topanga get married and have to learn how to deal with that next step of their lives, it is really interesting to watch that stage of their lives in this show. Shawn has a hard time with this at first, as he sees it as him being replaced by Topanga, and he knows things won’t be the same as they were before. Things of course work out and everyone makes things work as well as possible. In the end they all end up moving to New York, Jack and Rachel join the Peace Corps and Feeny, hopefully, retires. The series finale is filled with tears, from me and all of the characters. To me, a show that can make me tear up during the finale means they did something right.


In truth this is only scratching the surface of this amazing show. It did so much during its 7 season run, and it said so much while doing it. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you go find this show online or on DVD so that you can watch it from beginning to end. You’re going to be in for a really great ride, and you may learn a few things about yourself along the way, no matter how old you are.

Boy Meets World: 9.5/10 (I just can’t let those continuity issue go, they really bug me sorry.)

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